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Overcoming the Reflex NO!

Regardless of how long you’ve been in real estate, if you’re calling EXPIREDS, you’re likely familiar with the “reflex NO.” It makes sense, right? A property doesn’t sell, the listing expires and the homeowner is inundated with calls from real estate agents who sense a quick sell. So, the homeowner’s only defense is to just…

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7 Tips for Better Sales in 2022

Happy New Year. Are you ready to make 2022 your best year EVER? Whether or not you met your goals in 2021 (and especially if you didn’t), this is the perfect time to take a deep breath, recalibrate and get your head in the 2022 game ahead. As with anything in life, the basics matter.…

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Here’s to your Health… and Success in 2022

The benefits of a regular exercise regimen are well documented, so we won’t use this space to rehash information and statistics you’ve probably heard a million times. But one thing’s for sure, regular exercise helps to keep your mind focused and energized; two qualities that are critical  to successful real estate prospecting. If you have…

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Remind Your Sphere That You’re Here

Some real estate agents chill out these final weeks of the year. Others turn up the heat knowing that there are deals to be had. In that regard, you might want to check out our post from last week: Here’s Why Your Best Year Ever Begins on January 1. Regardless of what category you fall…

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5 Great Ways to Generate Real Estate Referrals

There are plenty of things an agent can do to increase their real estate lead generation efforts. However, becoming comfortable asking for real estate leads or even knowing how to create opportunities for referrals can leave some agents staring into space.  The following five ideas are great ways for agents to generate real estate referrals…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Expressives

Today we finish our series on working with specific social and personality styles by focusing on the group known as “expressives.” THE EXPRESSIVE PERSONALITY We saved the expressive social style for last because, frankly, this is the group that can be most “enjoyable” to work with. Expressives are passionate, intuitive and creative. They are also…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Amiables

This is the third post in our series on working with specific “social styles.” In our first two posts, we covered working with Analytical and Driver social styles. Today, we focus on Amiables. THE AMIABLE PERSONALITY After the unique challenges of selling to drivers or analyticals, working with those who have an amiable social style…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Drivers

In today’s post, we continue our series on Versatile Selling, pulling from the book of the same name published by Wilson Learning Library. Last week we looked at strategies to use when working with Analytical Social Styles.  Today we move to Drivers. THE DRIVER PERSONALITY On some level, the Driver social style is often the…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Analyticals

In today’s post, we continue our series on Versatile Selling, pulling from the book of the same name published by Wilson Learning Library. Last week, in Versatile Selling is About Adapting, we introduced the importance of identifying and understanding the various “social styles” we are likely to experience in our real estate prospecting efforts.  As…

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Versatile Selling Is About Adapting

Most people, by nature, are “reactive” in their interactions with fellow humans: They observe. They make conclusions based on these observations. They respond based on their conclusions, then assess the outcome of their response. For the most part, this process serves us well. However, when it comes to selling, our reactive habits are likely limiting…

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Are you a Versatile Seller?

Today we launch a multi-part series covering the importance of understanding personality types in selling. Our source material for this series is one of the best books about selling that most people have never heard of: Versatile Selling, published by Wilson Learning Library. As the authors say early on in the book: “Versatile selling is…

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2022 Business Planning Starts Here

We’re in the home stretch for 2021, which means you should now have a pretty good idea of what your Gross Commission Income (GCI) will be through the end of the year. Hopefully you’ve had a great year and will finish strong. If your year didn’t meet expectations, hopefully you’ve learned some valuable lessons that…

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The Key to Real Estate Success Might be Empathy

In a recent survey of CEOs, more than 80 percent said that empathy is critical to business success, both in terms of building a great culture and outreach to prospects. More than a dozen years ago, the Harvard Business Review published a report saying that empathy was the most critical element for sales success. We’ve…

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The Power of Questions: Part 2

Last week, in THE POWER OF QUESTIONS: PART 1, we provided an overview of the importance of asking great questions on the journey to super-success in real estate sales. We reiterated the point (made frequently in this blog) that the best way to create rapport and trust with a prospect is to ensure THEY do…

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The Power of Questions: Part 1

We’ve touched upon the importance of asking good questions frequently in this blog. For example, in OVERCOMING NEGATIVE CLIENTS, we discussed how insightful questions can help reset the table when dealing with a domineering client. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to take a deep dive into the importance of questions: what to ask,…

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