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Contact the neighbors of your recently listed or sold properties, create buzz for your open houses, or simply farm buyers and sellers in any given area using our best-in-class neighborhood farming tools.

Real Estate Neighborhood Farming Data Package Options

Espresso Agent Neighborhood Farming Packages for real estate agents

Standard Data

Property Info : Name, Address, Email and Phone Numbers

  • Target any neighborhood
  • Enter an address, draw on a map, or radius search
  • QUICK and fast results
  • Name your search - organize in folders
  • Quickly Dial Each Search
  • Advanced Filters Available such as Owner Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied, etc
  • Single Address Lookup OR Area Lookup
  • Bulk Upload
  • See Which Owner are 4-8x More Likely To List

Premium Data

Premium Data Includes Everything In The Standard Package

+ PLUS +

750 Premium Robust On-Demand Leads Which Includes :

  • More Verified Cell Numbers
  • More Verified Email Addresses

Plus still have access to standard data leads after the 750 threshold has been met - or buy more!

What Is Real Estate Geo Farming?


Let's start with a basic definition:

Real estate agent farming (i.e., Circle Prospecting) is cold calling targeted property owners around an agent's recent market activity to create long-term relationships.

Unlike working with Espresso Agent's industry-leading FSBO or Expired leads, where there is likely to be more immediate urgency and motivation, geo farming real estate is about "growing" your database of future opportunities. Or, to look at it another way, developing geo leads is more of a "top-of-the-funnel" business development strategy. But one that can pay some huge dividends over time.

So, even though rejection is possible, there is a good likelihood the homeowner will stay on the phone with you. Therefore, real estate agent farming is all about how you approach the call. You are not trying to "sell" them at this point. Instead, it's about making an initial contact and putting your name out for future opportunities.
There are two basic types of geo leads:

Just-Listed Prospecting serves two objectives. First, you alert nearby homeowners that you're selling in their area and ask if they have any friends or family members interested in moving to the area. Secondly, you can use the call to assess the homeowner's short or long-term goals so that you can add them to your contact list. Your lead-in may sound like this:
"I just listed a home for sale at 123 Main Street. I wanted to see if you might have a friend or family member interested in moving to the neighborhood?"

Pending or Just Sold Prospecting: Here, you seek interested sellers by touting your experience selling homes in their neighborhood. Your lead-in may sound like this:
"I just sold a property at 123 Main Street. While selling, I had several interested buyers who liked this neighborhood. So, I'm reaching out to see if anyone in the area is interested in selling soon."

For more tips and scripts on neighborhood farming, check out our blog post: Circle Prospecting Strategies.

You might also find some valuable tips on real estate geo farming in our blog post Hyper Focused Neighborhood Farming.

Again, geo farming real estate is a long-term business development strategy (although finding someone interested in selling today would be great!). The key to successful real estate farming is asking solid, open-ended questions to get as much background as possible. If the homeowner is not interested in selling, you know you can move on. But if there is some interest, you know that person is worth nurturing for future opportunities.

REMEMBER: if you aren't an Espresso Agent client, you're missing out on the business's best real estate farming tools.

We know that agents NEED real estate farming tools for circle prospecting to neighborhoods.

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Data Quality

Choose Standard Data for BEST Industry Data Results or Experience our Premium Data Upgrade which Provides More Robust On Demand Data (More Cell #s & Verified Emails)

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Fast Downloads

Begin Dialing Your Desired Lists Right away. Just Open Your Folder and They Are There.

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Filters Available

Identify Likely To List and Target Absentee Owners by Length of Ownership, Property Value, Property Type and Other Specific Property Details.

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Full integration

Manage your Full Database from the Espresso Agent CRM.Available with All of our Lead/Data Packages.

Espresso Agent has advanced filters

so you find only the specific homeowners that you want to reach

Target absentee owners, filter by length of ownership, property value, multi family, among other specific property details!

What Our Clients Say


But many top performers also use geo-farming real estate to round out their portfolios. In addition, some agents focus heavily on geo farming as their go-to business-building strategy. So, what is farming in real estate? In short, to geo farm is to call homeowners in a certain radius around a specific address.

Here are three compelling reasons to add real estate geo farming to your portfolio:

When one house goes on the market, another in the neighborhood typically goes on the market within 2-3 weeks. As we outlined above, when geo-farming agents take a listing, they call homes within a certain radius of that listing to find new clients. Geo farming real estate lets the community know you’re the trusted neighborhood expert. People may be open to selling, or they may want to hand pick their new neighbor by bringing you a buyer.

real estate agent talking to clients sitting at desk

It's important to remember that real estate farming is a numbers game. You have to make a lot of calls to build your geo leads database. Most of the contacts won’t be interested in selling today, or anytime soon. But the good news is that those who practice real estate farming benefit from building relationships and a database that can pay healthy dividends over time.

This is where Espresso Agent can help. As the leading source of real estate farming tools in the industry, Espresso Agent provides a fully-integrated platform, and superior data to serve as the foundation for your geo-farming prospecting program.

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Every package on the includes:

  • Best In Class CRM
  • Dialer
  • Video Email by Storytellr
  • Email Templates & Drip Campaigns
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Month to Month Service
  • No Set Up Fees

How Our Neighborhood Farming Search Tools Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business:

    • Do you have addresses in your database with outdated contact information? Upload your list and refresh your contacts' records. Additionally,  if you upgrade to our premium contact information, you will receive more up-to-date up to date information, more phone numbers, cell phone numbers, as well as verified email addresses, in addition to more up to date property details.
    • Would you like to be recognized as the neighborhood specialist in a certain neighborhood?
    • Looking to add to your sphere?
    • Locate potential buyers around your new listing. This is the ideal circle prospecting tool.
    • Search for potential homeowners who have not made a decision to list yet but are considering selling.
    • Do you have an open house scheduled and want to call around the neighborhood and let the neighbors know in advance?
    • Do you need addresses to send a mailing to a specific area? Import the neighborhood addresses and contact info into Espresso Agent and print your own labels.
    • Looking for ways to become more efficient calling neighborhoods? Our Dialer is perfect for this task.
    • Calling Neighborhoods is a great way to identify potential buyers and when you do it on a regular basis, you can add it to your marketing plan that you provide to potential sellers on your listing presentation.
      1. ie... I speak with a minimum of "x" number of potential buyers every day looking for individuals who would be a good match for my listings.
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