Espresso Agent Neighborhood Search

Neighborhood Search, the Espresso Agent way!

Available with all package options

Contact the neighbors of your listings with just listed just sold updates, create buzz for your open houses, or farm buyers and sellers in any given area using our neighborhood farming tools.

 We know that agents NEED a great real estate geographic farming tool for circle prospecting to neighborhoods.

Data Quality

Espresso Agent allows you to choose Industry-standard data or experience amazing data quality with Everybody Answers.

Fast Downloads

Begin dialing on your new leads right away. Just open your folder and they are there.

Filters Available

Find just the homes you are looking for with our advanced filtering system

Full integration

Manage your full database from the Espresso Agent CRM. Available with all our lead data packages.

Espresso Agent has advanced filters
so you find only the specific homeowners that you want to reach

Target absentee owners, filter by length of ownership, property value, multi family, among other specific property details!

Espresso Agent has two great options for you to choose from.


Industry Standard Data

  • Unlimited lookups
  • Target any neighborhood
  • Draw on a map, or perform a radius search
  • QUICK and fast results
  • Name your search - organize in folders
  • Quickly dial each search
  • Advanced Filters Available
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The Highest Quality ENHANCED Data

  • Unlimited lookups (750 Enhanced Per Month)
  • Target any neighborhood
  • Enter an address, draw on a map, or radius search
  • QUICK and fast results
  • Name your search - organize in folders
  • Quickly dial each search
  • Advanced Filters Available
  • Single Address Lookup
  • Bulk Upload
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Every package on the includes:

  • Best In Class CRM
  • Dialer
  • Video Email by Storytellr
  • Email Templates & Drip Campaigns
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Month to Month Service
  • No Set Up or Termination Fees

How Our Neighborhood Farming Search Tools Can Benefit Your Real Estate Business:

  • Do you have addresses in your database with outdated contact information? Upload your list and refresh with premium contact information, such as cell phone numbers, verified email addresses, and property details.
  • Would you like to be recognized as the neighborhood specialist in a certain neighborhood?
  • Looking to add to your sphere?
  • Locate potential buyers around your new listing. This is the ideal circle prospecting tool.
  • Search for potential home owners who have not made a decision to list yet but are considering selling.
  • Do you have an open house scheduled and want to call around the neighborhood and let the neighbors know in advance?
  • Do you need addresses to send a mailing to a specific area? Import the neighborhood addresses and contact info into Espresso Agent and print your own labels.
  • Look for ways to become more efficient calling neighborhoods, our Dialer is perfect for this task.
  • Calling Neighborhoods is a great way to identify potential buyers and when you do it on a regular basis, you can add it to your marketing plan that you provide to potential sellers on your listing presentation.
    • ie... I speak with a minimum of "x" number of potential buyers every day looking for individuals who would be a good match for my listings.
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