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Why Choose Espresso Agent?

These highly successful agents share how Espresso Agent has impacted their business. Hear their feedback on our customer support, ease of use, as well as how these agents profited from using Espresso Agent! Learn why Espresso Agent is a powerful real estate lead generation service to build your real estate business.

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Nearly 40% of expired listings relist with a different agent within 30 days. Data accuracy and timing are critical elements in ensuring you have the best shot at winning that listing

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In robust markets, if a FSBO homeowner does not have an offer in hand in two weeks, many become realistic about the need for a professional’s help.


Having several property investors in your pipeline is a great source of business for any agent. Investors are often considering when to cash out, while also looking to identify new opportunities.


Contact the neighbors of your listings, create buzz for your open houses, or farm buyers and sellers in any given area.


Our Mission Is Clear - To Help YOU Take More Listings.

Quickly connect with the highest motivated seller leads in your market using our premier real estate lead generation software. Espresso Agent® provides more premium direct contact information.

  • Up to 90% Contacts Have Phone Numbers
  • Most Cell Phone Numbers On The Market
  • Verified Email Addresses

We know that your most precious asset is your time. With Espresso Agent® you’ll contact more prospects, with less effort, in less time.

The Espresso Agent® Advantage


Data Accuracy

Quickly connect with prospects. Espresso Agent® provides more premium direct contact information. Up to 95% contacts phone numbers and the most cell phone numbers on the market – no one has more!


Ease of Use

Just log into our system and your leads are waiting for you. Import and export your database easily and efficiently to keep your prospects moving swiftly down the funnel. Use our built-in lead management tools to manage, sort, search, tag, create notes, cross out numbers, export, mail merge, see street views, and more


Run advanced searches. The Espresso Agent® CRM gives agents the power to run advanced searches so that specific leads can be targeted quickly each morning.


The power of video. Shoot, send out, and store video emails to stay in close touch with your database and make an even deeper connection.



The Espresso Agent® Dialer is built natively into the CRM allowing agents to save time and energy.


Empower Your Business with Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Lead generation for real estate agents is the cornerstone to a profitable career in what is arguably one of the most competitive industries in the U.S. With the proper realtor lead generation mindset and best-in-class CRM platform like Espresso Agent, entrepreneurially-minded agents can earn far more than their peers in 9-5 corporate America.

In fact, according to SAASSessions, real estate agents earning more than $100,000 in annual gross commissions are more than twice as likely to use advanced technology, such as lead management software for real estate.


Espresso Agent is an industry leader in real estate CRM and lead generation software. By becoming an Espresso Agent client, you’ll have access to a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that will help you realize your full potential as a real estate professional.


Every morning, Espresso Agent delivers the best real estate leads to your desktop in the form of:


Expired listing leads

When it comes to maximizing revenue, most top-performing agents focus their energy on expired listings as “low-hanging fruit.” They know that nearly 40% of expired listing homeowners will relist with a new agent within 30 days. Agents who work hard to develop their expired listing prospecting skills are more likely to enjoy a steady stream of revenue throughout the year, and regardless of market conditions.


For sale by owner(FSBO) leads

FSBO properties represent opportunity -- nationwide, 9 of 10 FSBOs fail to sell on their own. FSBO homeowners are motivated by their bottom line. In robust markets, if a FSBO homeowner does not have an offer in hand in two weeks, many become realistic about needing a professional’s help. With a listing agent, nearly 70% of FSBO homeowners relist their property within four weeks.


Espresso Agent

Espresso Agent’s Pre-foreclosure leads (sold separately) are an effective way to round out your real estate lead generation portfolio. When homeowners miss multiple payments, they can quickly head toward a potential short sale. Connecting with these homeowners during the earlier, pre-foreclosure period can prove beneficial by helping them to list and sell before legal action.


Neighborhood farming

Whether you are looking to become a neighborhood expert or are interested in marketing a “just sold” opportunity to surrounding homeowners, Espresso Agent’s geographic farming tool provides accurate, timely data at the click of your mouse.


For rent by owner(FRBO) leads

An often-overlooked but potentially lucrative source of revenue is real estate investors. Top-performing real estate agents often keep several FRBOs in their system because of their propensity to cash out when the time is right or search out great values in the market.

Prospecting with the best possible leads is the essential first step to success in real estate. But the leads alone won’t guarantee success. Top-performing agents know that effective real estate lead management requires a…


Prospecting is about building and maintaining rapport with prospects, clients, and past clients. Managing your contacts is critical to providing strong follow-up with all of your leads. A good CRM offers a variety of methods to communicate with the leads and the flexibility to manage folders.

Whether you need to import your existing database, export a new folder, run advanced searches, disposition new leads, or organize your follow-up, Espresso Agent’s real estate CRM software has end-to-end functionality.


Espresso Agent supports your lead generation for real estate efforts with a multi-faceted platform that allows you to:

  • Effectively manage your expired, FSBO, FRBO leads and leads you may import separately. Our user-friendly CRM allows you to seamlessly manage your leads through data-sorting and provide advanced searches to make your lead gen outreach more customer-centric.
  • Get started within seconds of opening your account. Our simple tutorials walk you through the set-up process, and by the next day, new leads will begin to populate your CRM.
  • Be confident in your outreach with the most accurate data available, including verified cell phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Efficiently market yourself through our all-inclusive service, including email marketing campaigns and simple one-touch emails to set up and send.
  • Espresso Agent’s marketing support includes StoryTellr, a best-in-class video email program. With consumers demanding more video, StoryTellr video email is a powerful way to connect with your prospects on a more personal level.
  • We support your realtor lead generation program through a highly-trained support team that is second to none and live or recorded training webinars you can access at any time.

Ultimately, real estate agent lead generation is a numbers game, so Espresso Agent’s world-class dialer is an essential element in your prospecting arsenal. Compared to manual dialing, agents who use the Espresso dialer can generate 400% more calls to prospects in a typical session. Our quality dialer ensures that any agent within your company can maximize their prospecting efficiency. You can dial up to 80 leads per hour, and our delay-free connections ensure that the first thing you hear on the other end of the call is “hello” instead of a ringing phone. So, you can begin to work your prospecting magic immediately.

Investing in real estate lead generation software, such as Espresso Agent, is an investment in yourself, and in the long-term vitality of your career.

What Our Clients Say


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Real Estate Client Management

As with balancing any other type of personal relationship, real estate agents know that managing client expectations is critical to long-term success. Of course, if you’re using Espresso Agent (or plan to use Espresso in the near future), you will be well on your way to addressing the fundamental question that all agents face: how…

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Real Estate Prospecting: Active vs. Passive

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Real Estate Circle Prospecting Strategies

In today’s post, we’re going to take a deep dive into the power of neighborhood farming, focusing on the language most commonly used in our industry: circle prospecting.  WHAT IS CIRCLE PROSPECTING IN REAL ESTATE? Let’s start with a basic definition of circle prospecting: The definition of Circle Prospecting is cold calling targeted property owners of niche…

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