Build your business with the BEST data
plus our Dialer and CRM!



Includes: CRM, Dialer, GeoSearch
Industry Standard Neighborhood
Search Data plus FSBOs/FRBOs.




Includes: CRM, Dialer, Expired Listings, FSBO, FRBO/Investor Data, and GeoSearch Industry Standard Neighborhood Search.




Includes: CRM, Dialer, Expired Listings, FSBO, FRBO/Investor Data,
Everybody Answers® Enhanced
Neighborhood Search Data


EBA includes first 750 leads With
Enhanced Premium Contact Data Available

Includes: Dialer, Listing CRM, FSBO Data & Storytellr Video


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Silver Gold Platinum
Expired Listing Data
Premium FSBO Data
FRBO/Investor Data
Everybody Answers Neighborhood Search
GeoSearch Neighborhood Search
Best in Class CRM
Video Email by StoryTellr
Scripts and Objections
Personalized Customer Service

Every package on the includes:

  • Best In Class CRM
  • Dialer
  • Video Email by Storytellr
  • Email Templates & Drip Campaigns
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Month to Month Service
  • No Setup or Termination Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my subscription?

When you sign up for Espresso Agent, every account gets our high-quality data, whether it's Expired Listing data, FSBO & FRBO Data, or Neighborhood Search data, you choose the types of lead data you would like to receive fresh daily leads on by perusing our package options above. Then, you also get our best in class CRM that includes a streamlined dialer, property and script viewing capability, gmail and google calendar integration, zoom integration, as well as video email options by Storytellr. All Espresso Agent accounts also receive best in class customer service, multiple training options, personalized on-boarding, as well as access into special accountability groups and social media groups to help support you in your endeavors.

How long does it take to get setup?

Sign up right now online! It takes only a few minutes and your account will be active immediately. Upload your own database or sign up for Neighborhood Search and you can be lead generating the same day! New leads and contact information for Expireds, FSBO's and FRBO's will be uploaded within 24 hours.

What training do I need?

The beauty of Espresso Agent is how easy it is to navigate throughout the platform. Espresso Agent also features a full video library explaining the individual tools. To expedite your Espresso Agent experience, register for our LIVE product training offer twice weekly. Our Support team is available for training and assistance, Monday through Friday.

Is there a long term contract required?

Nope! Our Service is Month to Month with no setup or termination fees, cancel anytime by calling our Support Team.

What makes your data better?

Espresso Agent identifies the top providers and accesses them for our real-time data. Our  expired listing leads have premium cell phone numbers, as well as 100% Verified Emails where available, to help you reach leads faster and list more properties.

How many areas do I receive with my Expireds & FSBO data package?

Need this information

What types of data will be available for my Expireds?

Espresso Agent uploads Premium Contact Information for Expired, FSBO's, and FRBO's, including cell phone numbers, verified emails, and full property descriptions with photos where available.

Do you offer Geo targeting/farming or circle calling?

Espresso Agent offers two lead generation options for your residential geo-targeting and circle calling/prospecting needs. Our Premier Neighborhood Search plan called Everybody Answers – offers enhanced premium contact data. We also offer a more affordable plan called GeoSearch that includes more basic industry standard data. Both options are available stand alone or added to any other data package.

>Learn more About Our Neighborhood Search Options

What is Neighborhood Search?

Espresso Agent's neighborhood search options allow you to search a geographical area by radius or address and receive phone numbers and email on the residential properties in that area.

> Learn More About Our Neighborhood Search Options

What is the difference between your 'Most Popular' package and your other data packages?

Our 'Most Popular' data plan includes our premium Expired, FSBO & FRBO data, along with GeoSearch Neighborhood Search data. If you are in an area where expireds are not available, we also provide just our FSBO & FRBO data. All products include our best in class CRM and streamlined Dialer.

Am I limited to a certain amount of minutes to dial in a month?

Espresso Agent allows you unlimited dialing, we do not limit your minutes.

Can I use Apple products?

Yes, Espresso Agent is on several platforms including PC, Apple & Chrome OS

Listen To What Our Client's Are Saying!


"I have used several sources for expired, circle prospecting & FSBO data. Espresso Agent is by far the best bang for your buck! Not only does it provide excellent data but you get it for a great value! This is my number one lead source for business, so it has to be good information. As a business owner, I am always tracking my ROI. You can't get any better than Espresso Agent! Their customer service is amazing! Anytime I have had questions, they are quick to respond. They even reach out and check in on my business. I never got that from the "other" guys. I have recommended and will continue to do so, to lots of other agents, and they too love the value and information from Espresso Agent. Do your homework, then do yourself a favor and get this system!"

Shawna Martinez, Performance Team, North Texas Realtors

195 W Main Street American Fork, UT 84003