BELIEVE in Yourself!

We’ve written extensively in this blog about the importance of MINDSET on the journey to real estate success. For example, in PRACTICING RESILIANCE, we provide tips on how to cope with the inevitable failures, disappointments and dry-runs you are likely to experience as a listing agent. As we said in that post and countless others, proper mindset and belief in yourself is the foundation to a great career in this business.

Perhaps iconic real estate coach Mike Ferry said it best:

“Mindset is key.  If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can’t, you don’t.”

Following are five strategies that can help you empower yourself through having a stronger mindset:

  1. Analyze your attitude: You have to learn how to manage negative self-talk and focus on what can deliver to your clients. When working with a new expired prospect, are you absolutely confident that you can do a better job than the previous agent? Do you feel, in your heart of hearts, that you can be a lifesaver to a FSBO struggling on their own? Do you know your market better than any other agent, because knowledge is power in our business?
  2. Never stop practicing: Both your skills and self-confidence grow with repeated (i.e. daily) practice. If you don’t have a role-playing partner, GET ONE! It might be the most important decision you make because a role-playing partner can help you be better at working your scripts or making a listing presentation.
  3. Embrace the NO! If you’re NOT experiencing rejection dozens of times every week it means you are not really “in the game.” Rejection is your friend because you need to power through those dozens of rejections to find the one golden nugget listing that will make your month. Don’t let NO slow you down. Make counting your rejections a game; the more the better.
  4. Targets work. Some people prefer to use the word goals, but target seems more direct and active to us. You need to set and honor your daily/weekly targets: prospecting hours, daily contacts (not calls, but actual conversations), appointments set. Focusing on your targets means you focus on all things that produce INCOME! Anything else is a distraction, and you can’t afford distractions if you want to play at a high level in real estate.
  5. Immerse yourself in positivity. Remember the adage: “garbage in, garbage out.” The flipside is true. Immerse yourself in all things inspirational and/or motivational: daily affirmations, books (many people find biographies of great leaders/artists/business icons to be inspiring), podcasts, videos. Join a mastermind group. Meditate. Visualize. Find the thing, or combination of things that get you jazzed and prepare you for the day.

Real estate is not an easy business to master. If it were, everyone would do it. But YOU do it, and that’s the only thing that matters. If you’re not where you think you should be, stop and assess your mindset. Right now, you have the power to turn your business around. You can DO IT by just taking the time to learn how to believe in yourself. Everything else will fall into place from there.