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Real Estate Cold Calling Strategies 

According to Investopedia, cold calling: Is a sales practice in which individuals are contacted who have not previously expressed interest in a product or service. Generally, has a low success rate. A 2020 LinkedIn report helps put some interesting context around the “failure” rate of cold calling. The report said: About 69% of prospects accepted…

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5 Tips to Master Real Estate Prospecting Scripts

One of the things we reinforce as often as possible in this blog is the importance of working with scripts. Top-performing real estate agents have learned how to master real estate prospecting scripts to control the flow, tone and directions of every prospecting call. THE POWER OF SCRIPTS FOR REAL ESTATE PROSPECTING Many real estate…

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Defining Your Real Estate Value Proposition

We don’t need to remind you that real estate is one challenging business. Lots of agents going after a relatively small number of listing opportunities (even smaller in times of low inventory). When you call or meet with a prospect, how will they be comfortable with you as their agent, especially when they are hearing…

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6 Characteristics of a Top Performer

Highly successful business professionals, especially top-performing real estate professionals, tend to share a number of distinct personality or character, traits. These qualities are innate for some, but others need to analyze and cultivate these qualities on their journey toward success. We’ve identified six personality traits that define high-performing, driven professionals: Living the Dream: In general,…

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Script It…Don’t Wing It!

There is no other way to put this, but: to be a top-performing real estate agent you must master the “art” of phone-prospecting. If you’re an Espresso Agent client, you already have a great phone-prospecting and CRM system at your fingertips. But that alone might not always be enough for some agents who are challenged…

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