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Be Fanatical about Follow-Up

Here’s a fact worth remembering: MORE BUSINESS IS LOST from a lack of lead follow-up, than from a lack of prospecting? Yes, top-performing real estate agents get between 70-80% of their listing appointments as a result of their persistent follow-up efforts. Here’s what’s really amazing: about half of all agents don’t even follow up with…

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How to Close with Confidence

One of the biggest challenges for many real estate professionals is closing the deal. There is a certain discomfort that often comes with “making the ask,” and it can be easy to slip into avoidance of such discomfort. Sometimes it’s difficult to close, even when the prospect is sending us signals that they are ready…

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Finish Strong in 2020

As of this writing, you have about two months left in 2020. While many real estate agents are now thinking about goals for 2021 (which we’ll cover in a separate post), there is still a lot of revenue to be had in the final two months of this year. Typically, November and December are soft…

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Writing an Effective Expired Listing Letter

Experienced real estate agents understand the unique challenge posed when working with new expired prospects. These homeowners are (rightly so) often frustrated and discouraged. They’ve likely spent months dealing with last-minute, inconvenient showings, any number of open houses and probably a certain number of shifting pricing strategies. And, after all of this “activity,” they have…

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Build A Successful Lead Follow-Up Strategy

Did you know that 70-75% of all listing appointments are set in a lead follow up call? Which means, you’re potentially leaving a lot of revenue on the table if you don’t have a solid lead follow up plan. Let’s start with defining a lead. Many agents assume that having any contact in a file constitutes…

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