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When it comes to real estate prospecting, one of the biggest challenges for any agent is to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction. It’s not always easy to get the person on the other end of the phone, for example, to say yes to your request for a meeting. Or, to get a signature on a listing contract.

Top real estate professionals often rely on the principles of neural-linguistic programming, or NLP. NLP helps us to consistently achieve desired outcomes by learning how to harness the language of the mind.  Often referred to as the “study of human excellence,” NLP’s focus is on modifying another person’s thought process at a deep, unconscious level.

Generally speaking, NLP can help you become more:

  • Outcome-focused
  • Observant of life around you
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Effective at building trust and rapport.

Ultimately, real estate NLP leverages the power of language to improve sales and communication skills so that real estate agents communicate more effectively. 

Today, we’ll cover the benefits of sales NLP scripts and some industry-specific NLP tips that can help ensure the conversation moves in the direction you want.


If you’re using your Espresso Agent scripts, you are, in effect, practicing NLP. That’s because the best real estate NLP scripts help us to frame discussions in a way that moves them toward our goal, which is about getting a positive response from the other person.

Through real estate NLP, you can learn how to act on non-verbal cues to become a better listener, allowing you to build rapport and trust. With greater experience in this area, NLP lead generation can help you improve the flow of conversations, turning each into a positive interaction. 

Ironically, however, forward (i.e. yes)-oriented conversations don’t come naturally to most people. We often lead with questions or statements that prompt a prospect to lean toward NO. Here are a few common (and likely familiar) negative, conversation-opening habits we easily fall into:

  • “You’re probably sick of hearing from real estate agents…” It’s possible that they might be sick of hearing from agents. It’s also possible that yours is the first call they’ve received. So, why plant a seed in their minds that they might be sick of hearing from you?. Let them come to that conclusion on their own.
  • “I know I’m probably bugging you.” Don’t assume. And, above all, don’t apologize for doing your job. If you’re a service-focused agent, your job is to help them achieve their goals and dreams. So, in fact, you are not bugging them, but reaching out to help.
  • “You’re probably not ready to move.” Think about this: the focus and energy of this statement are on an outcome that you don’t want. Again, going back to our point on assuming, how would you know if they aren’t ready to move or not?
  • “You’re not going to like what I have to tell you.” Here’s a statement that guarantees they aren’t going to like what you’re about to tell them. Why set them up to be disappointed?

Unfortunately, these openers often cause more harm than good and turn prospects off altogether. However, NLP real estate scripts can provide you with a guide to keep your thoughts in the right framework. With scripts enhanced with language processing, you can easily refocus the potential client’s mindset without sabotaging yourself with negative openers.


If you’re able to stay away from the aforementioned, negative-leaning traps, you’re off to a good start. Your Espresso scripts will guide you the rest of the way.

But, what if your prospect confronts you with similar, negative sentiments, such as: “What is it with you people? I’ve already had a dozen calls this morning.”

If a prospect leans in with something negative, you now have an opportunity to reframe the entire discussion by using the following process:

  • Repeat: “I hear that you’re getting a lot of calls from other agents?”
  • Affirm: “I surely understand that you might be frustrated by getting all of those calls.
  • Reframe (assuming this is with an Expired): “Let me ask, had you been able to sell your home, where would you have moved?” You’re not making an “ask,” but simply moving the conversation forward. If they answer, you’re set for the logical follow-up: “If I could help you sell your current place and get you to (city) by June, would you be interested?”

Use real estate NLP to avoid the common traps outlined above. Then, lean on your Espresso scripts to create a positive script, reframe the discussion, and guide the prospect to a desired outcome that will work for both of you.

Doug Spak joined Espresso Agent as a Content Marketing Specialist in 2016. Doug brings nearly four decades of experience as a copywriter, blogger, and screenwriter to his role with Espresso. Since joining our team, Doug has actively updated website content, published more than 300 blogs, and created countless social media posts.

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