Find the Best Motivated Seller Leads

Top-producing agents prioritize accurate and timely seller leads as their cornerstone for success. If you're new to real estate prospecting or want to elevate your career, it's crucial to move beyond passive strategies like occasional mailouts. Instead, join the ranks of high producers who choose Espresso Agent for unparalleled access to high-quality, competitive, motivated seller leads that empower a dynamic prospecting approach. 

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Capitalize Industry’s Most Accurate & Reliable Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads

Quality leads mean everything in real estate prospecting. By leveraging Espresso Agent’s lead generation software, you gain access to the industry’s most accurate and reliable motivated seller leads, helping you effectively convert them into listings to skyrocket your real estate business.

Expired Listing Leads

Unlock the potential of expired listings in real estate. These properties come with motivated homeowners who've already decided to sell and are often in urgent need of a new agent. With statistics showing over half re-list with a new agent and a significant portion representing immediate business, expireds offer a lucrative chance to boost your listings. Espresso Agent clients gain an edge by receiving the finest expired leads directly to their CRM daily.


For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Leads

While FSBO listings might not offer instant financial rewards, they frequently become hot opportunities for agents adept at securing the best prices for homeowners ready to team up with a professional. Espresso Agent's cutting-edge FSBO listing software is your gateway to the finest real estate FSBO leads available, setting you on the path to elevating your game in the competitive real estate landscape.

For Rent by Owners (FRBO) Leads

Tap into the potential of FRBO (for rent by owner) leads to fuel your real estate success. With Espresso Agent's quality motivated FRBO listing leads, you'll navigate the nuances of engaging investors and property managers, enriching your portfolio with lucrative opportunities. Master investor relations and discover a wealth of leads in the vibrant FRBO market.


Real Estate Farming

Dive into real estate farming with Espresso Agent's top-tier software and unlock new real estate opportunities. Engage in meaningful conversations with property owners, laying the groundwork for lasting relationships without the pressure of immediate sales. Embrace this strategic approach to significantly broaden your horizons and plant the seeds for a flourishing real estate career.

Pre-Foreclosure Leads

Transform pre-foreclosure challenges into lucrative opportunities with Espresso Agent by tapping into a wealth of homeowner leads on the brink of foreclosure. For just $59 a month, gain exclusive access to essential contact details within a 50-mile radius. Elevate your real estate game and make a meaningful difference for homeowners in distress.


Transform Your Business with Espresso Agent’s Motivated Real Estate Seller Leads

Trusted by top-industry agents, Espresso Agent is the ultimate destination for premium-quality, motivated seller leads. Our lead generation solutions provide gateways to transforming your real estate career, equipping you with all the tools necessary to drive your business forward.

With a keen focus on the power of listings over buyers, we firmly believe in our mantra that “BUYERS TAKE TIME, LISTINGS TAKE SKILL.” This is why Espresso Agent has made its mission to guide agents toward more prosperous and fulfilling careers.

Espresso Agent - Your One-Stop Seller Lead Generation & Prospecting Software

Embrace the full suite of tools designed to skyrocket your efficiency and personal connection with clients:

  • Stay Sharp with Our CRM
    Organize your leads, tasks, and follow-ups with unparalleled ease, keeping you one step ahead in the fast-paced real estate game.
  • Quadruple Your Outreach with Our Dialer
    Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual dialing. Our state-of-the-art dialer technology empowers you to make four times as many calls, opening the door to more opportunities and connections.
  • Personalize Your Pitch with Video Email
    Break through the digital clutter with video emails that let your personality shine through, making every interaction memorable and building stronger relationships with potential clients.

Boost your real estate prospecting career with Espresso Agent — where technology meets a personal touch to help you thrive in the competitive market.

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Want to Close More Leads?

Download These 5 Steps Now That Will Help You Create a Powerful FSBO Information Packet

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