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Win With Expireds on New Year’s Day

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January 1st is one of the most important days of the year for the real estate agent who wants to get ahead of the competition. Many listings are set to expire at the end of the calendar year, preparing yourself to work on New Year’s Day while many other agents are away from their office…

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Strategies for Real Estate Circle Prospecting

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In today’s post, we will take a deeper dive into the power of neighborhood farming, but focus on the language most commonly used in our industry: circle prospecting.  But what is circle prospecting in real estate, and is it worth investing time and effort? CIRCLE PROSPECTING DEFINED Let’s start with a basic definition of circle…

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Real Estate Prospecting Strategies

real estate prospecting

Those of us in the real estate profession have chosen the field for differing reasons. Some of us love the hyper-competitive nature of our industry. Some entered real estate because they were drawn to the idea of helping others who are making major life decisions, of which buying or selling a home are at the…

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How To Find a Pre-Foreclosure Home

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Many top-performing real estate agents have had success in moving homes that were on the brink of foreclosure. The challenge, of course, is knowing how to find a pre-foreclosure home. It’s important to remember that homeowners whose properties have been identified as Pre-Foreclosure may be open to selling their home in advance of actual foreclosure…

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Send a Summer Video Email With These Scripts

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We’ve come a long way in a year. Last summer we were struggling with masking, social distancing, quarantines and pretty much an end to summer activities as we knew them. But this year, there is a collective sigh as we go about the business of “summer” again. This might be the perfect time to re-introduce…

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How to Become a Circle-Prospecting Superstar

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There are a lot of ways to drive your real estate business. You can prospect expireds and/or FSBOs, or mine your sphere of influence. Of course, many top performers rely on a all of these strategies. Another widely-used prospecting strategy is circle prospecting, or real estate farming. In fact, some agents focus heavily on circle…

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Winning in a Low-Inventory Market

Real Estate Listing Contract

The good news for real estate agents is that, despite the financial insecurities created by the pandemic, we’ve not seen a decline in the demand for housing. The bad news, of course, is that inventory levels continue to decline. Or, is it really BAD NEWS?  The truth is, you can’t control fluctuating inventory levels, any…

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Embrace Rejection with These 8 Tips

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The biggest challenge for any sales professional, especially real estate agents who are active phone prospectors, is dealing with rejection: NO! I’m not interested! I have an agent! Etc. Etc. Nobody likes rejection, but there is no way to get around in our hyper-competitive industry. The key to dealing with rejection, then, is to embrace…

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Hyper-focused Neighborhood Farming

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Not all real estate agents prospect on a regular basis. For those that do, many use a multi-tiered prospecting approach, that might include: Calling expireds, followed by… Calling FSBOs, followed by… Calling sphere of influence. Another widely-used prospecting strategy is circle prospecting, or real estate farming. In fact, some agents focus heavily on circle prospecting…

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Are You Leveraging the Power of Neighborhood Farming?

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So, you secured a great listing in a much-desired neighborhood, with top schools and excellent retail close by. Perhaps you’re planning an open house in the coming weeks? The next question is: what can you now do to maximize the revenue-building potential of that listing? The answer, of course, as any top real estate agent…

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It’s Time For Your Mid-Year Review

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It’s the time of year when real estate agents look back on the first six months of the year. How well have you performed relative to your in-going business objectives? Have you stuck to your prospecting program? Are you on-track to meet your transaction goal? Have you maximized the power of your Espresso Agent CRM…

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Take A Sabbatical-You’ve Earned It

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Real estate is the domain of highly-driven, internally-motivated, often Type-A personalities. The most successful agents are powered by long-standing routines. Some rely on daily role-playing sessions with like-minded peers. Others stick to a schedule that has them on the phone during the same hours every day, prospecting expireds or FSBOs through their Espresso Agent CRM…

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Zoom at Your Fingertips

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We’ve been posting quite a bit in recent weeks about the importance of staying engaged with your prospects during this unprecedented time. Indeed, the market remains active, especially with mortgage rates near their lowest rates ever. So, if you’re not working your contact network, you’re opening the door for someone else to take the listings…

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The Power of TRUE Engagement

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Social media is all about engagement-likes, shares, comments. Our social media value is based on the degree to which people interact with our content.  But how is engagement defined outside the realm of social media? In real estate, the only engagement that truly matters is that kind that happens between two people: talk. We are…

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Put a Face to a Name: Video Email Options for Real Estate Agents

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How many of us have said this in the past few weeks: “I wish I had been smart enough to buy stock in Zoom.” Indeed, COVID-19 and “shelter-in-place” has turned Zoom video conferencing into the must-have app of 2020. Families, businesses, social groups, support groups…practically everyone is “zooming” to stay connected.  Our new-found obsession with…

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