The Power of TRUE Engagement

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Social media is all about engagement-likes, shares, comments. Our social media value is based on the degree to which people interact with our content.  But how is engagement defined outside the realm of social media?

In real estate, the only engagement that truly matters is that kind that happens between two people: talk.

We are living in interesting times, when our ability to talk, face-to-face, has been compromised like never before. Yet, it is also a time when people need the comfort of human interaction, need to hear another’s voice.  This represents a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents to reach out and practice the only kind of engagement that truly matters.

Let’s quickly review the ways in which agents can practice true engagement:

  • Talk to your sphere of influence. Perhaps they are not ready to buy, but there’s a good chance they are open to outreach. You don’t need to sell them, just talk to them
  • Talk to expired listings. With Espresso Agent, you have access to the best expired leads in the business. And, you can bet, many, if not all of these consumers, have a sense of urgency to sell.
  • Talk to For Sale by Owners. Again, if you’re fortunate enough to have Espresso Agent in your lead generation tool chest, you have terrific FSBO data at the ready. Plus, scripts to help you address the obvious objections you’ll get from those who think they can easily sell their own home.
  • Talk about the data in your MLS. Most home owners are under the belief that all is gloom and doom in real estate. Let them know the stats with regard to new listings and pending sales in recent weeks,
  • Talk to as many people as you can. Many states are starting to ease restrictions on local businesses. Clearly, we still need to be vigilant with regard to social distancing and safety precautions. But to the degree that in-person meetings, under proper circumstances, are possible, do your best to take advantage of them. Or, if in-person is still not practical, a Zoom or Google Hangout or Skype can suffice.
  • Talk expired or FSBO home owners through your seller presentation to highlight what makes your selling strategy unique.
  • Talk clients through the sales process, from pricing to viewings (virtual or, depending on the circumstances, actual) to offers to pending to closing.

Talk is a real estate agent’s stock-in-trade, or, at least, it should be. And, what’s interesting is, there is actually a lot to talk about these days. So, pick up your headset, fire up Espresso Agent, clear your throat and get to work on doing the one thing you’re best at: talking.