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We’ve been posting quite a bit in recent weeks about the importance of staying engaged with your prospects during this unprecedented time. Indeed, the market remains active, especially with mortgage rates near their lowest rates ever. So, if you’re not working your contact network, you’re opening the door for someone else to take the listings you deserve.

As an Espresso Agent client, you have access to some of the best engagement assets in the business. Specifically, you have an amazing CRM system at the ready, a superior dialer and the best expired and FSBO leads delivered every morning. It’s all there for you.

A few weeks back, we posted a reminder about a recent enhancement to the Espresso Agent platform:  StoryTellr video email.  With video email, you can engage your database with a highly personal, focused message that keeps your “personal brand” front and center in an impactful way.

Now, seeing the power of video through StoryTellr, we’ve taken your Espresso Agent experience to another level by adding a capability that is perfect for these disrupted times:  Zoom video conferencing integration into the Espresso CRM platform.

We don’t need to tell you how Zoom has exploded in response to work-from-home restrictions necessitated by COVID-19.  Practically everyone seems to be “zooming” for business and personal use alike.

While there are other video engagement options, Zoom has become the go-to platform simply because it is easy-to-use and cost efficient.  With the FREE Zoom option, two-people can video conference for an unlimited amount of time.  Beyond two people, Zoom’s FREE offering limits meeting times to 40 minutes.  You can, of course, upgrade to the premium levels which does not limit meeting time, but for most people, FREE is perfect.

With our new integration, you can now send a Zoom link directly from a contact or dial session.

Link your Zoom account with your Espresso Agent account under 3rd party integrations. Then, in a dial session, or from a contact, you can send an email with a Zoom link (below):

So, let’s say you’re on a call with an expired contact.  They are anxious to sell and would like to know more about your service, and your approach to marketing a home.  Instead of setting up a face-to-face meeting (ideal, but they may still be reluctant in this COVID-19 environment), you send the Zoom link from your dialer and within a few minutes you are virtually face-to-face.  From there you can share your screen and walk then through your listing presentation. Simple, and perfect for getting instant engagement.

Important: you need to have your own Zoom account to activate the Espresso Agent/Zoom integration. But again, as we said above, it’s FREE to set up a Zoom account, as long as you remember that you are limited to 40 minutes on calls with more than two people.

Espresso Agent is excited to make it even easier than before to engage (and impress) your network of prospects.

Remember, if you have problems connecting your Zoom account to Espresso Agent, our customer support team is always just a phone call or live chat away.

Are you ready to Zoom?



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