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Real Estate Lead Follow-Up Strategies That Work

An often-overlooked aspect of real estate success is lead generation follow-up. An estimated 70-75% of all listing appointments are set in a lead follow-up call. Without a solid lead follow-up plan, you’re potentially leaving a lot of revenue on the table. In today’s post, we’ll discuss lead generation follow-up strategies used by many of the…

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Maximize Your Real Estate Conversion Rate With Seller Leads

real estate conversion rate

This blog devotes a lot of content to finding and working with Motivated Home Seller Leads. Quality real estate leads are the lifeblood of a successful real estate business. But no matter how good your leads might be, they will not serve you unless you learn how to maximize your real estate lead conversion rate.…

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Real Estate Lead Generation and Time Management

real estate lead generation

Successful real estate lead generation requires focus and commitment. That’s why one of the best things agents can do is create and adhere to effective time management strategies. Why? Because unlike many other professions, real estate professionals must balance myriad tasks in a given day: role-playing,  door-knocking, listing presentations, follow-up meetings, open houses, closings, and the…

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Ego and Real Estate Lead Generation

There’s nothing inherently wrong with ego: We all have one, and, in many cases, it serves as self-protection and even a mechanism for success. Success in real estate relies on having a healthy, mature, stable grasp of ego. But ego in real estate run amok is ugly and works to create just the opposite of…

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Realistic Goals for New Real Estate Agents

Realistic goals for new real estate agents

Embarking on a career as a real estate agent is an exciting journey, filled with limitless potential. If you’re new to the industry, one of the most important steps you can take to pave the way to success is setting clear and meaningful real estate goals for new agents. Goal setting provides a roadmap, guiding…

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Active vs. Passive Prospecting

Businessman using headset phone smiling at computer

Real Estate Prospecting Types Prospecting is a frequent topic of conversation in the real estate business. After all, having a viable prospecting real estate strategy is the only way to ensure an agent’s lead pipeline is full. However, less talked about than specific means are the different broad strategies and ways to find prospects.  The…

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Real Estate Client Management

Woman on headset phone smiling taking notes

One of the most popular topics in the industry is how to get clients in real estate. However, an often neglected follow-up topic is how to handle clients after you’ve secured them.  This is why realtors need to explore real estate client management. As with balancing any other type of personal relationship, real estate agents…

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Why Failure Makes You Stronger

Businesswoman looking pensive

Admit it. Seeing the word “failure” in the title of a blog post makes you uncomfortable. Let’s not focus on the negative you might be thinking. That makes sense. After all, many, if not most, highly driven and successful professionals operate on the motto made famous in the film Apollo 13: “Failure is not an…

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Prospecting Tips Using NLP

Businessman pointing at Neuro Linguistic Programming graphic

When it comes to real estate prospecting, one of the biggest challenges for any agent is to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction. It’s not always easy to get the person on the other end of the phone, for example, to say yes to your request for a meeting. Or, to get a…

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Real Estate Prospecting Is All About the Close

real estate prospecting

Your real estate prospecting efforts have paid off with a listing presentation. Your listing presentation looks great, covering the essentials in a clear, concise manner. And the prospect seems to be engaged in what you have to say. Now the question is: are you ready to make the CLOSE? For many agents, this step is…

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Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies

real estate lead generation

If you follow this blog you know that we are dogged in our belief that best path for long-term financial success in real estate is to be a listing agent. In general, listing agents earn more money, and tend to work fewer hours than buyer’s agents (this is especially important if you love your weekends!).…

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Business Planning Real Estate 2023

business plan graphic with documents

We’re now in the first week of Q4, and thought this is the perfect time to look ahead, and consider your business plan for 2023. But before we get to 2023, STOP!! If you’re like many real estate agents, you might put yourself into “cruise control” as you enter this final quarter. After all, you…

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Real Estate Lead Generation is About Mindset

Businessman looking at computer pensive

As we often discuss in this blog, real estate lead generation is the key to success in our industry. But real estate lead generation, even for the top performing agents, is not a natural process. Prospecting requires commitment, dedication and, above all, focus. If you don’t have the right mindset when you start your lead…

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4 Tips to Diffuse a Negative Client

man holding happy and upset faces

Anger. Annoyance. Frustration. Cynicism. If you’re in sales long enough, you will likely experience any number of negative responses from clients. It comes with the territory. If you’re like many people, facing negative clients can be challenging and draining. And for a real estate agent, the ability to handle negative clients can be the difference…

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