Are You Leveraging the Power of Neighborhood Farming?

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So, you secured a great listing in a much-desired neighborhood, with top schools and excellent retail close by.

Perhaps you’re planning an open house in the coming weeks?

The next question is: what can you now do to maximize the revenue-building potential of that listing? The answer, of course, as any top real estate agent knows, is circle prospecting. Or, as it is more commonly known, real estate farming.

Neighborhood farming has been a staple of any real estate revenue strategy for as long as there have been cul-de-sacs. Think about it: when a home goes on the market or, better yet, is sold, it isn’t long before other homes in the neighborhood hit the MLS. After all, success breeds the desire for a profitable, multi-offer payday in the eyes of many homeowners. Therein lies a tremendous opportunity for agents who are savvy, and well-equipped neighborhood farmers.

If you’ve been using Espresso Agent to drive your revenue production, you’ll now have access to one extra tool in your ever-expanding toolbox: Espresso Agent’s Real Estate Farming functionality.

Espresso Agent now offers two versions of this game-changing, neighborhood farming capability:


Using industry-standard data, GeoSearch offers:

  • Unlimited lookups
  • The ability to target any neighborhood
  • Locate your leads by drawing on a map, or perform a radius search
  • Quick and fast results
  • An easy-to-use folder system to help you organize each search
  • Simple dialing system


Employing the highest quality, enhanced data, Everybody Answers offers:

  • Unlimited lookups (750 enhanced data lookups per month)
  • The ability to target any neighborhood
  • Locate your leads by entering an address, drawing on a map, or perform a radius search
  • Quick and fast results
  • An easy-to-use folder system to help you organize each search
  • Simple dialing system
  • PLUS single-address lookups
  • PLUS bulk uploads

If you’re currently using the Espresso CRM, there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider adding our Neighborhood Search functionality:

  • You may have addresses in your database with outdated information. You can upload those files to Espresso Agent and we’ll refresh them with premium contact information, such as cell phone numbers, verified email addresses and property details.
  • With minimal effort, you can position yourself as the “neighborhood specialist” in specific neighborhoods, and watch your referrals stream in.
  • Our neighborhood search function allows you to locate potential buyers and build your sphere
  • It’s a great way to search for potential homeowners who may have considered selling but haven’t jumped in yet: “I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m the listing agent of your neighbor’s home at ADDRESS.”
  • When you schedule that open house, you can use EA’s neighborhood search function to alert the neighbors in advance. Yes, you’ll get your share of curiosity seekers, but you may also get that neighbor who is now more interested than ever in selling.
  • Want to do a mailing to a specific area?  Upload your contact database in the Espresso CRM and you can print out your own mailing labels.
  • If you aren’t currently using the Espresso dialer on a frequent basis, it’s the perfect tool to help you become more efficient, and disciplined, in calling neighborhood prospects.

Espresso Agent’s Neighborhood Search function is included in our Platinum and Gold packages. Or, you can purchase Neighborhood Search separately. With the Bronze package, you’ll get GeoSearch Neighborhood Search, in addition to Espresso Agent’s standard CRM and Dialer.

Learn more about Espresso Agent package options and pricing.

Neighborhood farming is a great (and proven) way to identify and stay connected to potential buyers on a regular basis. In fact, it should be a vital part of any real estate agent’s comprehensive marketing and business development strategy.

And now, with Espresso Agent’s new Neighborhood Search capability, you can take the first step toward being the “go-to” real estate agent in the most desirable neighborhoods in your MLS.

LEARN MORE about Espresso Agent Neighborhood Farming.




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