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Prospecting Expired Listings

Real estate expired listing leads are with those homeowners who have tried, and failed, to sell their property in a contracted amount of time. There are myriad reasons we have expired leads real estate:

  • The property may not have been appropriately priced.
  • The previous real estate agent did a poor job of marketing the property.
  • The homeowner withdrew the property because of changes in their life situation.

Regardless of the reason, top-producing agents know that expired listings leads were, at some point, fully engaged and motivated to sell. As such, expired listings represent an immediate revenue opportunity for any real estate agent.

In fact, many agents consider expired listing leads are the most profitable lead generation source in their production toolkit. Nearly 40% of real estate expired listings relist with a different real estate agent/brokerage within 30 days! Many real estate agents find calling expired listings helps them have a consistent flow of NOW business year-round.

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Most top-earning real estate agents stick to a straightforward strategy for success: prospecting expired real estate listings. These leading agents understand three simple truths about homeowners with an expired MLS listing:

  • They’ve already made their most important decision: to sell their home. So, no convincing is necessary.
  • They are open to working with a real estate agent.
  • They have a property they need or want to sell and, at that moment, no assigned agent.

The statistics also support the value of prospecting an expired real estate listing:

  • Between 15-25% have not sold for various reasons, including marketing, price, condition, and location.
  • Nearly 40% of all expired listings or expired leads will list with a new agent within 30 days.
  • 35% will leave their homes off the market for at least a month.
  • Only 28% of expired listing homeowners will re-sign with their current agent.
  • 90% of expired leads real estate represent immediate, urgent business opportunities.

Real estate expired leads represent a tremendous opportunity for agents willing and ready to make an effort. If you plan to be one of those agents, you’ve come to the right place. Expired listing software like Espresso Agent provides agents a clear advantage over other agents. Our expired listing service delivers new expired leads to your desktop every morning, coupled with the best CRM and Dialer in the business.

But as good as Espresso Agent expired data might be, agents still must master the subtle art of engaging expired listing homeowners. Here are a few tips:

Remember, when it comes to prospecting real estate expired listings, these homeowners are likely inundated with calls from agents. As such, you’ll have only a few precious moments to engage the homeowner, build some initial rapport, and position yourself for the business:

  • The homeowner must know how you would do things better (“While your home was on the market, I sold X homes in the same area.”)
  • Get them back in touch with their original motivation to sell by asking when and where they are hoping to move when they sell

When calling expired listings leads, call early and be persistent in your follow-up. It’s important to prove to the homeowner that selling their home is your top priority.

Your number one goal should be to secure an in-person listing presentation or home tour. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting for building rapport, and trust, with the homeowner.

You may run into situations where the homeowner previously listed with a friend and is possibly inclined to re-list for the same reason. Try to turn this in your favor: “I appreciate great friendships, but do you think you gave your friend the best chance to sell your home?”

Before calling, be prepared for the inevitable objections the homeowner is likely to throw your way. Importantly, learn how to ask solid, open-ended questions so that the homeowner does most of the talking.

Past or old expired listings represent a potentially lucrative opportunity because fewer agents are calling these forgotten homeowners. But you know they have a home to sell and, likely, do not have a listing agent

Represent yourself as a partner and problem solver. Be willing to go above and beyond what their previous agent did (or didn’t do).

Be straightforward if asked whether or not your commission is negotiable: “It depends on many factors, such as the condition of your home and the price we set. We can discuss that in more detail when we meet tomorrow.”

How To Get Expired Listings

An expired real estate listing represents both a tremendous opportunity and significant challenge for real estate agents. On the plus side, you can be the “white knight” who swoops in to turn failure into profits for frustrated homeowners. At the same time, you need to be aware that these same homeowners may be suspicious of any real estate agent who claims to have the golden key to success.

Fortunately, if you’re an Espresso Agent client, you’ll be a step ahead of most agents by virtue of having the best expired listings leads in the business.

When you use those leads to their full potential to build rapport and trust, you’ll likely get invited to tour the home. As such, you’ll want to have a professional-looking expired listing presentation and information packet to leave with the homeowner.

Here are a few things you’ll want to cover in your information packet, and related listing presentation:

  • General observation

    It’s important to acknowledge the seller’s frustration, but you must also be careful not to be negative about the previous agent’s performance. Provide an overview of your observations about the property, and the things you believe would make it more attractive to buyers.

  • A SHORT bio

    Briefly outline the most notable transactions you’ve closed in recent months, especially if those were properties in close proximity to your current prospect. In particular, focus on homes that share similar characteristics with the home of your current prospect. Share photos of those other homes as well.

  • Pricing philosophy

    Discuss your general philosophy with regard to pricing, especially in the context of current market conditions. Have a clear point-of-view on the previous pricing strategy, and how you would handle pricing moving forward.

  • Marketing strategy

    Reinforce the fact that in today’s complex marketplace, a yard-sign alone won’t do the trick. Walk the homeowner through your philosophy and approach to marketing, and provide examples of what you’ve done to sell other homes.

  • Client services

    A common homeowner complaint about real estate agents is poor communication and follow up. That said, the homeowner should know your philosophy on responding to calls or emails. If you promise to return a call within a certain period of time, be sure you stick to that promise.

  • The Extra Mile

    What would you do to go the extra mile for the homeowner? Would you hire a professional stager? How would you use video or photography to bring their home to life? Would you pay for pre-inspection to help anticipate any issues that might come up during the sales process? Again, this goes to your role as a partner in helping them to sell their property.

  • Testimonials

    Share what other clients have to say about your performance.

If you’ve wondered how to get phone numbers for expired listings, you’ve come to the right place. Espresso Agent provides the best expired listing phone numbers in the industry. Whether old or new expireds, we can help you step up your prospecting game and earn the kind of revenue you imagined when you got into the business.

How To Get Expired Listings With Scripts

As we discuss in our blog post “5 Tips to Master Real Estate Prospecting Scripts,” top-producing real estate agents use scripts to power their prospecting efforts.

Espresso Agent provides a broad menu of cold call scripts to guide your phone prospecting outreach with real estate expired listings. Mastering a cold calling script helps you to control the flow of a conversation. But perhaps more importantly, script mastery helps you to sound natural and confident, which goes a long way toward building trust with your prospect.

Many agents, especially those newer to our industry, feel that scripts might make them sound too “mechanical.” But in actuality, the more you master your scripts, the more natural you will sound to your prospect. In addition, scripts are invaluable in guiding your ability to ask effective, open-ended questions. Plus, scripts give you the ability to deflect homeowner objections.

The following is a script used by Tom Ferry, that you could use when contacting homeowners with expired listings :

  • YOU: Hi, I’m looking for (NAME). This is (NAME) with (COMPANY). I noticed your home was no longer listed online. Is it on or off the market?
  • HOMEOWNER: Hello, yes, my home is no longer on the market.
  • YOU: What are the reasons you’re taking your home off the market?
  • HOMEOWNER: I haven’t had any offers.
  • YOU: if you did sell this home, where would you move?
  • HOMEOWNER: I would have moved to (LOCATION).
  • You: When did you plan on selling, and moving?
  • HOMEOWNER: In three months.
  • YOU: Why do you think your home didn’t sell?
  • HOMEOWNER: I don’t think we marketed it very well.
  • YOU: Knowing what you know now, what will you expect from your next agent
  • HOMEOWNER: Someone who’s reliable, knowledgeable, and knows how to market properties.

As you can see, this script allows the agent to control the conversation with open-ended questions. This dialogue helps the agent to build rapport, and gain insights as to the homeowner’s goals and dreams.

Are you ready to dominate your market? Get expired listing leads with Espresso Agent!

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Get The Most Accurate Expired Listing Leads with Espresso Agent

expired listing leads

Our system provides phone numbers and emails for your expired listings!

Espresso Agent provides premium contact information, such as cell phone numbers and verified email addresses of expired, FSBO, and FRBO leads daily. We've also added "Public Records" if they are available, including household income, current mortgage, market value, and much, much more. With Espresso Agent, you can contact expired, FSBO, and FRBO leads efficiently. Touted as one of the best in class data providers within the industry, year after year. Grab your phone and call homeowners that need your help when they need you most.

expired listings

Use Espresso Agent's system to reach out to Expired Listings!

When an agent contacts an expired listing, the focus should be how they can help and bring value to the owner. The agent should ask questions that allow the owner to share what their plans are moving forward to sell the property and/or relocate. Once a relationship has been established, the owner may choose to request an appointment with the real estate agent. Call each expired lead through the Espresso Agent dialer.

expired leads

Continue to practice your sales skills and watch your closings soar. Practice makes perfect!

As in any sales position, a real estate agent should practice their sales and marketing skills. Understanding an owner’s needs can only come from asking open-ended questions, so that the owner can share as much detail as possible. A real estate agent’s ability to dig deep and learn as much as possible from the owner, gives the agent the greatest ability to build rapport and ultimately help the owner to achieve their goals.

  • Comprehensive Contact Management - Espresso Agent includes a Full Contact Manager (CRM) so that you can manage your Expired, FSBO and FRBO leads, as well as any contacts you import into the system. You can manage your leads from within the CRM, with options for sorting data, running advanced searches, and customizable contact manager layouts. The CRM also has tools that allow you to maximize your relationship with homeowners you are working with!

  • Powerful Marketing Tools - Espresso Agent’s all-inclusive service includes email marketing campaigns and one-touch emails that are easy to create and send once a homeowner opts in. Our clients also have access to our best-in-class video email service powered by Storytellr, which enables real estate agents to create and send branded video emails within minutes. Pre-formatted video emails also include drop-in banner, logo, and social media links. Video emails can be sent via one-touch email to contacts who opted in after a call is completed using the dialer. Video email campaigns and broadcast messages can be easily created and sent at no additional cost.

  • Most Accurate Data - Espresso Agent provides more accurate premium contact information than any other lead generation provider. Data includes the most desired direct contact information, including cell phone numbers and verified email addresses.

  • Dialing System Designed for Real Estate Agents - Our Dialer service is built natively into the Espresso Agent CRM for more efficiency and accuracy, saving agents more time and money. There is always a 100% delay-free connection, and never an awkward silence. The dialer has end-of-call default and personalized disposition button sets, allowing tasks to be completed immediately after a call or conversation. Whether you're calling FSBOs, expired, or FRBOs, the dialer will enable you to call each one quickly and land your next listing.

  • Ease of Use - Agents love Espresso Agent for many reasons. Ease of use is top of mind. Within seconds after signing up, accounts are active so that clients may login and begin using the Espresso Agent service and learning the system. New leads begin populating the CRM database by the day after signing up.

  • Personalized Customer Service - Espresso Agent’s Support and training are easily accessible to clients through a variety of channels. Reach our Support team through live chat, support tickets, emails, and live calls. Access our training via live webinars, our video library, or through our highly trained support staff.

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woman real estate agent in black suit


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