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Espresso Agent’s Pre-Foreclosure Leads Are Available With In Our Neighborhood Search Filters!

Having a variety of lead sources is critical to dominate your market and Pre-Foreclosures can be a great source as markets shift that direction; when homeowners need you most.  These homeowners have missed multiple mortgage payments and are headed toward a potential short sale.  Catching these leads in the earlier pre-foreclosure stage and getting them listed and sold can save the homeowner from immense aggravation as well as additional financial and personal loss.  You could become their forever hero and potential helper for all their future real estate needs.

Calling potential Pre-Foreclosure Leads (NOD's) are just a checkbox away from directly within your Espresso Agent Neighborhood Search account. 

Filter out Pre-Foreclosure Leads (NOD's) from Within Your Existing Espresso Agent Neighborhood Search Account.


foreclosure for sale sign in front of home

*Available in majority of US (non-judicial states)

Use our CRM & Dialer to have more conversations with these homeowners who need your help.

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