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Real Estate Prospecting Strategies

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Those of us in the real estate profession have chosen the field for differing reasons. Some of us love the hyper-competitive nature of our industry. Some entered real estate because they were drawn to the idea of helping others who are making major life decisions, of which buying or selling a home are at the…

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Generating Leads over the Phone

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In today’s guest post, Mike and Mary Pallin of The Floyd Wickman Team share their insights on how to master phone prospecting as a way to generate leads and control your income. If you develop the skill of effectively generating leads via telephone, you can control your income.  If you want to generate more income,…

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Real Estate Prospecting Starts with Mindset

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One of the biggest challenges for any real estate agent is rising above the fears and insecurities that come with lead generation and prospecting. That’s why we’ve devoted a lot of space in this blog to working on your mental game. For example, dealing with objections and handling call reluctance are two themes we’ve written…

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14 FSBO Objections Real Estate Agents May Face

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Every real estate agent cringes at the thought of cold-calling — with good reason. No one likes to be continually rejected. FSBOs believe they have valid points as to why they should sell on their own and refrain from hiring a listing agent.  With their limited view of what a professional real estate agent can…

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A FSBO Refresher

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For Sale by Owner listings continue to be an excellent source of revenue for agents. Today we’ll take a look at FSBO strategy from two angles. First, how experienced agents look at FSBOs. And second, how new agents should approach FSBOs. EXPERIENCED AGENTS AND FSBOs Experienced pros understand that FSBOs are motivated to sell, yet…

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Real Estate and the Art of Conversation: Part I

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Life as a real estate agent would be great if you didn’t have to prospect. Well, the reality is, you DO need to prospect if you want to earn the kind of money you’ve always dreamed about. That’s why top performers in our industry are defined by a single-minded commitment to daily prospecting. Some are…

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Mastering the Preview: Part I

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GET IN THE DOOR! As a real estate agent who primarily prospects expired and FSBO listings, you have one, singular, primary goal: to convince the homeowner on the other end of the call to invite you into their home to preview the property. No matter how good you are at connecting over the phone, true…

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Winning in a Low-Inventory Market

Real Estate Listing Contract

The good news for real estate agents is that, despite the financial insecurities created by the pandemic, we’ve not seen a decline in the demand for housing. The bad news, of course, is that inventory levels continue to decline. Or, is it really BAD NEWS?  The truth is, you can’t control fluctuating inventory levels, any…

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Working with FSBOs in a Seller’s Market

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Many top real estate performers focus heavily, if not exclusively, on prospecting For Sale By Owner (FSBO) homeowners. In fact, we’ve written a number of posts on working with FSBOs, two of the most notable being: Prospecting FSBOs: Here’s What to Ask Think Like a FSBO FSBOs indeed can be a rich source of revenue.…

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Prospecting FSBOs? Here’s What to Ask

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In this post, we review a few essential strategies to use when prospecting For Sale by Owner (FSBOs). Let’s start with a few facts from the National Association of Realtors: It is estimated that FSBOs account for about 8% of all real estate transactions in the U.S. NAR also estimates that the typical FSBO home…

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A 7-Point Blueprint for Real Estate Success

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As we near the end of 2020 and begin to plan for (hopefully a less disruptive) 2021, we thought it might be helpful to take a step back and consider what really matters when it comes to success in real estate. We’ve touched on many of the points below in previous posts (and will continue…

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Think Like a FSBO

a for sale by owner sign isolated on white.

Inside the Mind of an FSBO Whether you’re relatively new to real estate sales or have been in the business a long time, if you are NOT mining the rich vein known as For Sale by Owner Leads (FSBO), you’re missing an extraordinary opportunity to drive revenue. In this post, we’ll look at some of…

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Are You a Driven Pro?

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Highly successful real estate professionals, no matter the geographic market in which they operate, be they in commercial or residential real estate, tend to share many of the same qualities. To a lucky few, these qualities are innate, but most achieve success by carefully analyzing these qualities and cultivating them. We’ve identified six qualities/personality characteristics…

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Leveraging Social Media for More Leads

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Let’s face it: Facebook is inescapable. Once a cutting-edge social network for the young and hip, it’s now considered a basic must-have for any business, with an estimated two billion monthly users. But, it’s not enough to simply have a page and to get ‘likes’ on it. For those in the real estate industry, Facebook…

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