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As we often discuss in this blog, real estate lead generation is the key to success in our industry.

But real estate lead generation, even for the top performing agents, is not a natural process. Prospecting requires commitment, dedication and, above all, focus. If you don’t have the right mindset when you start your lead generation process, you can get worn down and frustrated.

In today’s post we’re going to talk about mindset. What do top producing agents do on a regular basis to keep their head in the game and their minds focused on success? How can you adapt the practices of these high-achievers to take your real estate lead generation efforts to stratospheric levels?

  1. Top real estate agents have a “successful energy” mindset. We often discount the importance of emotional energy-not just positive energy, but something more. Great real estate agents have developed a unique quality that attracts others-buyers or sellers. They do not look at real estate prospecting as an overwhelming challenge. On the contrary, they approach lead-generation with anticipation. Here’s the reality: people (i.e. prospective clients) want to do business with people who excite and energize them-who project confidence, the sense that anything is possible. Remember: enthusiasm is contagious and can play an important role in differentiating you from the rest of the pack.
  2. Top real estate agents embrace “the why.” Organizational psychologist Simon Sinek, in an iconic Ted Talk, discussed how great leaders understand the “why” behind their product or service or cause. The “why factor” is something most top agents understand to their core. They approach real estate lead generation understanding why they do what they do. They are genuinely interested in how their actions can impact the lives of their clients. Or, put another way, more than just closing deals, they. know they are making dreams come true. Helping clients realize their dreams is the “why” for top real estate agents.
  3. Top real estate agents are solutions-focused. Homeowners are looking for solutions, which means great sellers must always be asking: how can I help? This is particularly true when working with expired listing homeowners who are often frustrated and angry about their previous experience. To that end, with so much on the line for sellers, the best agents stay in the mindset of “what can I do to make this an amazing experience for my client?”
  4. Top real estate agents work on discipline. Discipline impacts every aspect of your business, from being on time to an appointment to how you attack daily prospecting. Top performing agents are disciplined about their daily routine and structure their day accordingly. They stick to this structure. And by all means, they always deliver on every promise.
  5. Top real estate agents focus on what they can control. Great real estate agents have control over two variables: their attitude and the amount of effort they expend through their work. But sometimes that’s not enough. A critical aspect of success is knowing how to respond when things get rocky. How do you bounce back from losing the deal you thought was a lock? The ability to shake off disappointment separates the good from the great real estate sellers.

As we said at the outset of this post, to be successful in this business is to master the art of real estate lead generation. But it doesn’t happen naturally. Lead generation success begins with holding yourself accountable to the right mindset. As you review the five points above, how would you rate your mindset? Don’t get discouraged if you’re not where you think you should be. Take small steps every day to improve your mindset. Those steps will soon begin to pay huge dividends.

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