Why Failure Makes You Stronger

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Admit it, seeing the word “failure” in the title of a blog post makes you uncomfortable. Let’s not focus on the negative you might be thinking. That makes sense. After all, many, if not most highly driven and successful professionals operate on the motto made famous in the film Apollo 13: “Failure is not an option.”

Top real estate agents are a particularly driven group of professionals. They demand perfection not only of themselves but also of their team. Perhaps the understanding that there are only a limited number of exceptional opportunities at any given time drives this demand for perfection. The ethos of “failure is not an option” rings loud in our achievement-driven culture. But the truth is, while failure may never be an option, it is always a possibility. And it is very often our failures that lead to our greatest learning and subsequent achievement.

How can failure strengthen a person? Here are four lessons on the importance of failing:

  1. We tend to work harder: Failure makes us stronger because it is often the impetus to strive to achieve their goals with greater determination than ever before. Failure typically prompts us to shut down, which is a good thing because it gives us time to process our pain. Those who are truly motivated often renew their efforts with a stronger sense of commitment.
  2. We learn valuable lessons: From a neurological perspective, failure kicks our brain into learning and analysis mode-which encourages greater mental health. Failure gives us the opportunity to assess our actions and search for better alternatives. The process of learning new lessons contributes to stronger brain function over time. As such, this is why failure is good for success.
  3. We are humbled: Failure is an excellent way to deflate our egos and minimize the potential for narcissistic behavior. Humility allows us to also prepare for future failures-and there will always be future failures. The humility gained through failure can also prompt us to seek the support of friends or family-which helps nurture and strengthen our brains.
  4. We embrace simplicity: Failure makes us stronger because it often forces us to assess our life choices; prompting us to reassess the original path we took that led to the failure. You can start to look at what is important and, thereby, streamline your life to increase the possibility of success.

It is not human nature to “opt” for failure. But failure indeed will arrive at our doorstep at some point. This is why it is important to understand the importance of failure, and put the lessons learned to work in striving for future success

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