Lead Generation and the Power of Mindset

woman on laptop with a lead generation mindset

Lead generation excellence separates the good from the great real estate agents. In fact, it’s probably not a stretch to assume that the top 1% of the 1 million plus agents got there because of powerful lead generation habits.

Espresso Agent has identified a number of intangibles that drive super agents:

  1. Great sellers exhibit high levels of “successful energy.” We often discount the importance of emotional energy-not just positive energy, but something more. Great real estate agents have that quality that attracts others-buyers or sellers. The approach lead generation with anticipation, not anxiety. Indeed, people want to do business with people who excite and energize them-who project the sense that anything is possible. Enthusiasm is contagious and can often be the factor that makes someone choose you over a competitor.
  2. Great sellers understand “the why.” Perhaps you’ve seen the Ted talk by organizational psychologist Simon Sinek explaining the qualities that define great leaders. Sinek discusses how great leaders understand the “why” behind their product or service or cause. The same principle applies to top real estate agents-they approach lead generation understanding why they do what they do and how it will genuinely impact the lives of their clients. Often, it’s not closing a deal, but making dreams come true.
  3. Great sellers are focused on solutions. Customers are looking for someone to provide solutions. Great sellers are always asking: how can I help? In real estate, with so much on the line for sellers, the best agents are always in the mindset of “what can I do to make this an amazing experience for my client?”
  4. Great sellers are disciplined. Discipline touches every aspect of your business-from being on time to an appointment to how you attack daily prospecting. For the most part, every day should be structured the same way-and you should maintain the discipline to stick to this structure. And by all means, if you promise something to a client, make sure you deliver.
  5. Great sellers focus on what they can control. Sellers really have control over two variables: their attitude and the amount of effort they expend through their work. But those may not always be good enough. Great sellers are defined by how they respond when things get rocky. How do you bounce back from losing the deal you thought was a lock? The ability to shake off disappointment separates the good from the great real estate sellers.

One of the keys to becoming a top tier agent is mastering the art of lead generation. But it doesn’t happen naturally. Lead generation success begins with the right mindset. What’s yours?


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