Neighborhood Search DATA with advanced filters to build your database! Exclusively for Gill Realty Group Agents! 
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Get Neighborhood Search Contact Data 

Whether you are looking to canvas a neighborhood, find neighbors near a listing or project, or just want to update your database with fresh, updated phone numbers, we have the best tool to get you the best leads. Use our advanced filtering system to search for only the properties you want to reach.  All in one simple to use platform with a great CRM and optional dialer upgrade available to track and call leads!

Standard Data

  • Target any neighborhood
  • Enter an address, draw on a map, or radius search
  • QUICK and fast results
  • Name your search - organize in folders
  • Advanced Filters Available such as Owner Occupied, Non-Owner Occupied, etc
  • Single Address Lookup
  • Bulk Upload
  • Likely To List (Limited Availability) More Coming Soon
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