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Get started learning more about your Espresso Agent platform, and the tools waiting for you. Watch this brief video that will review how to get started, and will serve as a brief introduction into the system.

Don't forget we have weekly training sessions available as well to get you started quickly and on your path to capturing more listings!

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Every Monday and Wednesday: JOIN LAUNCH

Build Skills and Get Accountability

Join Espresso Agent's dynamic LIVE interactive group at 1:30 PM EST on Monday and Wednesday, and learn from our experts to set listing appointments with ease!

  • Quickly master the skills to take an additional listing each week.
  • Bring your questions to our live interactive group and learn how to flawlessly handle any objection.


What to say to Take Listings Now!

Join Espresso Agent every Thursday at 2:00 EST We will discuss what to say, how to say it and roleplay scripts that will help you to close more listing appointments.

New to Espresso Agent or in need of a refresher?

Register for LIVE Getting Started Training

Weekdays at 12 pm Eastern / 9 AM Pacific, excluding holidays

Learn from Espresso Agent's support staff as they cover the most important features and help you get started with your new Espresso Agent account. This interactive webinar will get you on the fast track to using Espresso Agent like our top producers.


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