Minimize Distractions, Maximize Success

Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

You don’t have to be in this business very long to know that focus is critical to long-term success.

For many real estate agents, focus, staying on task, comes easy. But we’re all built differently, especially when it comes to staying focused. There seems to be no limit to the amount of external stimuli that can disrupt our attention and keep us off-task. And, of course, in the time of COVID, we seem to be challenges by disruption and distractions more than ever.

How can you manage the distractions in your life to ensure greater success?  Here are a few tips:

  • BE GOAL DRIVEN: Write your goals down and display them in your office, someplace where you can’t help but read them multiple times per day. They are your constant reminder of what motivates you, what gets you going each day. Perhaps, next to the page displaying your goals, you hang a dream board, a strong visual reminder of what’s important in your life and career. Regardless of what you do to reinforce your goals, the point here is to remind yourself that you need to stay in “production mode” to achieve your goals.
  • STICK TO A SCHEDULE: Success typically beings with a firm, daily schedule. Get into a groove, and now what each day will bring to keep your mindset clear. A solid, proven routine is a great way to minimize distractions and build self-confidence.
  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: Handle the most important things early in your day. And, by most important, we mean focus on prospecting. Engage in 30 minutes of role-playing with a trusted accountability partner to stretch your prospecting muscles. Then, fire up Espresso Agent, put your headset on and start dialing.
  • COMMUNICATE CLEARLY: Unnecessary distractions are often a function of poor communication with those around you. Make sure you communicate clearly, especially with your clients. If you promised to call in two days, make sure you call in two days. Don’t leave clients hanging, especially about important details such as showings, contracts, etc. By putting a client’s mind at ease you will, in effect, feel more confident, and at ease, yourself.
  • PRACTICE EMAIL BATCHING: Try to limit checking email to certain times each day. Email, despite its value as a business tool, can can be a huge distraction, and often the greatest drain on our productivity.
  • DEFINE YOUR STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS: Fellow agents vendors and team members all meed to know what you expect of them-especially as you move into the final, critical stages of each transaction. Distractions are common when those you rely on the most do not fully understand what you need from them.

Clear goals, a commitment to routine and effective communication will help you to minimize distractions. And, by managing distractions during your day, you can stay focused on what’s most important: being the all-star real estate agent you were meant to be.


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