Adding Production To Your Business


There’s nothing like the feeling of signing a listing – it never gets old. Even better than that, however, is being able to score multiple listings in a single week. There’s no better way to see a dramatic increase in business, but for many agents, making the jump to more than one listing a week is tough.

Like so many aspects of business, the steps you take to achieve this level of success aren’t rocket science but do require your dedication and focus. Here are our top three suggestions that, if followed, will assist you in bumping your business to multiple listings per week.

  1. Package your expertise. Customers want to know you aren’t a rookie, so create your own presentation to showcase your strengths and prove you are the right agent to earn their business. The means your presentation, be it a super-smooth Power Point or old-school print, should instill confidence in your abilities. Top tip: Ensure the presentation is customized to the prospective client you are seeing. Keep some boilerplate about your experience and couple it with information about the client, their property and their market.
  2. This is one of those universal rules that we shouldn’t have to repeat, and yet, we feel it can’t be stressed enough. While you want to sell yourself, the best way to do it is by listening more than you speak. Use your customer service skills to draw out your prospects: Get to know them. Ask them why those chose their current home, why they are selling, what they are looking for in their next house. Take care not to rush. You should plan on spending a couple of hours with customer from whom you are trying to earn a listing because the core of a successful business relationship is the trust you start to build at this first appointment.
  3. The rule of three. Stories are an effective way to connect with listeners. If in doubt, listen to any politician and note how they punctuate speeches with homey stories. So, instead of charging into a meeting with a prospect, spewing facts and figures, consider telling a few stories or anecdotes the client will identify with and remember. Many experts suggest you boil your repertoire down to one story each in three different areas: Yourself, the market and past clients. There’s an art to storytelling and if it doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay. But, you can improve through practice. Work your scripts and find a partner in your agency to practice with.

Take a crack at these and track your production. We feel confident that with practice and good habits, you’ll begin to see more listings each week.


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