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Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

We all know referrals are possibly the best way to get new customers, for nothing is as a good as having a friend or prior client sing our praises, but we also know we can’t, unfortunately, rely solely on referrals for new business.

There are literally a hundred ways to generate leads, some old school, some more technologically savvy. To simplify the process of finding which work, we’ll review a few of the top strategies recommended by real estate experts and entrepreneurs.

  1. Roll out the welcome mat. In website terms, a welcome mat is a full-screen takeover that appears when your website is opened. Viewers can’t possibly miss it and you can use to capture their information for future communication.
  2. Lead magnets attract potential clients. “Lead magnet” is simply the term for an incentive offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email address. Be creative in what you offer usually offer: it can be a short video of you giving a tour of an up and coming neighborhood or a hot property you have on the market. You can offer a downloadable checklist for what to look for when retaining an agent.
  3. Write a newsletter. If you don’t already send out a newsletter to potential customers, you are missing out. This is one of the simplest ways to generate new leads and makes for a great lead magnet. Make it easy for people to sign up on your website and fill your newsletter with content that keeps ‘em coming back: discuss how you’ve created wins and successes for your clients.
  4. Social media. In September 2017, The Pew Research Center reported two-thirds of American adults get news from social media. Twitter especially can be an excellent tool for finding leads. You can follow trending conversations in your industry as well as market leaders, engaging in conversations with the latter that will drive some of their followers to you. Periscope, Twitter’s live video feature, adds another tool to your arsenal: imagine yourself live-streaming a walk-through of a recently listed property.
  5. Webinars are a great way to reach untapped prospects. Host them regularly to build a loyal following and invite industry experts so viewers know they can expect valuable insights from you. Since you have total control over content, you are free to pitch your services and your expertise, build your brand, and repurpose content for blog posts.

Finally, remember to only target consumers likely to need you and your products. There are many advertising tools that allow you to target buyers by area, age, income and other demographic segments. So, know your potential clients for optimum targeting and don’t beat yourself up if all isn’t leads don’t explode immediately. Using new strategies for lead generation involves trial and error, so pick your strategies and refine the ones that work best.

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Espresso Agent > Blog > Real Estate Lead Generation > A Refresher Course: Lead Gen Strategies

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