Expired Listing Leads

Get The Most Accurate Expired Listing Leads with Espresso Agent

Expired listing leads are the most profitable prospecting data tool in a realtor’s toolkit. Nearly 40% of expired listings relist with a different agent within 30 days.

Data accuracy and timing are critical elements in ensuring you have the best shot at winning that listing.

expired listing leads


Comprehensive Contact Management

End-to-end CRM with smart tools to enable you to go from lead to listing within a single platform. Use our built-in lead management tools to manage, sort, search, tag, create notes, cross out numbers, export, mail merge, see street views, and more.

Data Accuracy

Connect quicker with home owners that need your help. Espresso Agent provides more accurate premium contact information than any other lead generation provider.

Ease of Use

Just log into our system and your leads are waiting for you. Run advanced searches in your CRM so that specific leads can be targeted each morning. Import and export your database easily and efficiently to keep your prospects moving swiftly down the funnel.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tools

Whether its video marketing with StoryTellr, scripts and objections, or email drip campaigns, Espresso Agent has the tools to help you succeed.


Be 400% more effective. Dial smarter, faster, and delay-free for more connections.

Personalized Customer Service

Our staff of experts is with you every step of the way.
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