Remind Your Sphere That You’re Here

Real Estate Agent connecting. Remind Your Sphere That You’re Here

Some real estate agents chill out these final weeks of the year. Others turn up the heat knowing that there are deals to be had. In that regard, you might want to check out our post from last week: Here’s Why Your Best Year Ever Begins on January 1.

Regardless of what category you fall into (we hope it’s the latter… just sayin’), this time of year is perfect for making a warm, heartfelt connection with your sphere of influence (SOI). Even if you’re on overdrive these final days of 2021, the folks in your SOI are likely in a relaxed frame-of-mind, and are likely to welcome a call. Plus, they may have a friend or second cousin who’s listing is about to expire or is a frustrated FSBO in search of… YOU!

So, in the spirit of the season, here are a few SOI outreach ideas for you to consider:

  • Pick up the phone (or your Espresso Agent CRM headset) to simply wish your SOI happy holidays-nothing too complicated. A warm call’s a nice touch to remind your sphere that you’re here.
  • If you really want to go the extra mile, perhaps you can send them a VIDEO EMAIL using the StoryTellr tool that comes with your Espresso Agent platform. Hearing your voice is nice, but seeing your face is much more engaging.
  • If there are any outdoor community events planned for your area, make a point to attend so you have a chance to reconnect with old clients and possibly meet your next big listing client. DON’T FORGET YOUR BUSINESS CARDS.
  • Send a handwritten thank you note to anyone who gave you a referral during the past year. It’s super-important to reinforce your appreciation any chance you can get. And the holidays are an ideal time to say thank you.
  • Reach out with a note, phone call or video email to any local agents who’ve sent referrals your way during the past year.
  • Remember, the holidays can be stressful, so always be upbeat, pleasant, cheerful and empathetic in your outreach. Don’t hesitate to go for the laugh by being self-deprecating about your own holiday foibles and challenges.
  • In a friendly, non-pushy manner, remind your SOI that you’re “open for business” and would appreciate any references they might send your way.

Top performing agents know the importance of nurturing their sphere of influence, and make outreach to this important group an important part of their ongoing prospecting efforts.

Take this final week of the year to connect with your sphere as a way of getting into the right frame of mind for a successful 2022.


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