S1 E6: Why You Should Lead Generate In Real Estate Daily

Emily launched her real estate career in late 2015, but didn’t kick it into gear until January, 2016. In her first, 10 months in real estate, Emily closed an amazing 36 transactions. In fact, on one single day she closed three transactions.

But, just as quickly as success came, her business dried up after closing that 36th transaction. After averaging 3 transactions a month, Emily went 5 months without a single transaction.

So, she stepped back to analyze what was happening, and soon had the “a-ha” moment that would redefine her career. She realized that she was spending nearly all of her time working on transactions, at the expense of lead generation.

She re-focused, putting her priority on daily lead generation, with Espresso Agent as the foundation of her efforts. And she hasn’t looked back.

“My business looks completely different now than it did back then,” she says. “I have a team, so now I can focus on my highest and best use of time, which is lead generation and conversions.”

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