S1 E5: Success Story of a New Real Estate Agent 2023

In this episode of Today’s Brew, we sit down with Atlanta-based real estate agent Jaden Stein. Jaden saw success early on in his career as a new real estate agent in 2022-2023.

Jaden got his realtor’s license in 2021, at the age of 20. In June, 2022, he was off and running as a full-time agent. His early investment in Espresso Agent began to pay dividends immediately. He leans on Espresso’s expired listing leads during his daily prospecting window. But Espresso’s CRM also plays a critical role in Jaden’s follow-up strategy. “I go into Espresso with the goal of getting two nurtures and one listing appointment every day,” he says. “Every two weeks I follow up with my nurtures to see what’s going on.” His 2023 goal is a minimum of one, $400,000 listing a month, which he exceeded in January.

Check out this episode of Today’s Brew to hear how a relatively new agent like Jaden Stein used Espresso Agent to drive his early success in real estate.

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