S1 E3: How To Help and Be Of Service To Your Sellers

In our latest episode of Today’s Brew, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Atlanta Ga real estate agent Gloria Hobson, of 72 Sold Realty, to learn more about her approach on how to help home sellers in today’s market.

When Gloria’s husband had an opportunity to relocate to Atlanta, Gloria Hobson left behind a seven-year career as a police officer and child abuse counselor in Florida. After driving around and seeing all of the new construction in Atlanta, Gloria realized that it was time for a new career: real estate. This was in 2019, and she hasn’t looked back.

One of her first, and most important lessons, as a real estate agent was understanding that she was in the service business. “When I started having conversations with sellers,” she recalls, “I realized they had pain points, and that I could find rewards in helping them sell their homes quickly, and for more money.”

She also identifies persistence as the cornerstone of her business. “That initial call may or may not lead to anything,” she said. “But I’m going to stay top-of-mind by calling back within the week, so that when they get off the fence, I’ll be there waiting.”

Gloria credits Espresso Agent with much of her success. As she puts it: “Espresso Agent is such a user-friendly platform, and the phone numbers are accurate, so accurate!”

Check out the entire interview with Gloria Hobson on TODAY’S BREW.

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