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Krista Mashore

When was your first job in real estate?

I was an elementary school teacher prior to becoming a real estate agent. I have been an owner/broker for 16 years as the #1 top producing agent in my area. My second position in Real Estate is being a Real Estate Coach.

Why did you want to be in real estate?

I wanted to join real estate to help my daughters by giving them everything we needed, a roof over their heads and college funds! Having the knowledge and time to focus on real estate, I didn’t think twice about it.

What prompted you to move into coaching?

I love teaching and giving back to others. So now I teach/train agents to become successful with the innovative techniques and marketing I put into my business. I help others to see their success!

What do you see as your "value proposition" for a potential client?

My value proposition is the fact that we use Digital marketing strategies and social media to promote our listings as well as utilize technology to stay on the cutting edge so that we serve our clients, both buyers and seller to the best of our ability. We don’t rely on traditional techniques for marketing or obtaining new clients and leads.

What is the biggest challenge most agents face?

Consistency, most agents don’t treat this business like a true job. They find it very hard to be consistent and stick to a schedule.

Many people have a natural fear of prospecting and rejection. How do you get your agent/client over such a fear?

I’m very outgoing. I just remember to get out of my own head. When you are serving and helping people, the prospecting becomes easy.

How do you coach your clients on time management strategies and especially dealing with procrastination?

Schedule and being as consistent as possible. Set up daily, weekly routines. Set up yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals to help you get there. See what time wasters you have in place that you can modify to add more time into your day.

How do you coach your clients on maintaining a healthy work/life balance?

Set proper boundaries, don’t let someone else’s crisis become your crisis. Don’t be afraid to say no. If a client doesn’t respect your personal time and space, you probably don’t want to be working with them anyway.

Are great sellers made or born? Explain.

I think both, some people have a natural talent but others need to learn. Both can be equally effective based upon the drive and determination of the person “selling

Do you use an accountability coach? Why or why not?

I have coaches for multiple faucets of my business, digital marketing, speaking, and leadership. I hire them throughout the year when I need a tune up. In order to master something, we need to learn from those who are more advanced in things that we are not.

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