Real estate agent showing family a possible new home

Real Estate Value Proposition in 3 Steps

Do you know your real estate value proposition? If you don’t, or you’re not sure, this post will provide you with the necessary tips to bring your value proposition to life, and energize your business. REAL ESTATE VALUE PROPOSITION DEFINED Simply put, a real estate value proposition is a statement that helps prospective clients understand…

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Defining Your Real Estate Value Proposition

We don’t need to remind you that real estate is one challenging business. Lots of agents going after a relatively small number of listing opportunities (even smaller in times of low inventory). When you call or meet with a prospect, how will they be comfortable with you as their agent, especially when they are hearing…

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Your Value Proposition Matters

There are more than 1.3 million real estate agents in the U.S. In any given year, the median number of transactions among this group of agents is 12! In such a hyper-competitive industry, it takes a special effort to stand out, to differentiate yourself when meeting with a prospect. Why should a homeowner trust their…

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