new real estate agent goals

NEW Real Estate Agent Goals

If you’re new to real estate, congratulations on making the leap. You’re in an industry that offers you the opportunity to earn a tremendous amount of money. At the same time, you can enjoy the independence of working for yourself. But you also need to be realistic. Real estate is a very difficult business. The…

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Expired Listing

10 Tips for Success with Expired Listings

Last week’s post provided a refresher course on working with For Sale by Owner prospects. Today, we’ll offer a deep dive on how to maximize your efforts with those homeowners who have a recently-expired listing. To begin, let’s review several important facts about expired listing homeowners that affirm their value as prospects: More than half…

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A FSBO Refresher

For Sale by Owner listings continue to be an excellent source of revenue for agents. Today we’ll take a look at FSBO strategy from two angles. First, how experienced agents look at FSBOs. And second, how new agents should approach FSBOs. EXPERIENCED AGENTS AND FSBOs Experienced pros understand that FSBOs are motivated to sell, yet…

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9 Tips for Maximum Productivity

Top-performing real estate agents typically spend about 70% of their time on production-focused activities, most notably: new business prospecting, lead follow-up to secure appointments, and listing presentations. The remainder of their time is devoted to administrative activities, managing teams, and problem-solving. To be successful in real estate, you need to be committed to improving your…

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Embrace Change With These 10 Tips

We all know it: change is difficult! It’s much easier to stick with the familiar and comfortable than to put ourselves out there and risk taking a chance at something new. Human beings are hard-wired for safety. This predilection for staying safe might explain why less than 5% of real estate agents across the country…

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Accountability Partner

Here’s Why You Need an Accountability Partner

Regular readers of this blog know that we tend to pound away at some basic tenets for success in real estate, including: Importance of phone prospecting on a regularly-scheduled basis (i.e. daily). Investing in yourself; for example, using a lead gen/CRM software system such as Espresso Agent Embrace the value of paid coaching advice Another…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Expressives

Today we finish our series on working with specific social and personality styles by focusing on the group known as “expressives.” THE EXPRESSIVE PERSONALITY We saved the expressive social style for last because, frankly, this is the group that can be most “enjoyable” to work with. Expressives are passionate, intuitive and creative. They are also…

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Versatile Selling: Working with Amiables

This is the third post in our series on working with specific “social styles.” In our first two posts, we covered working with Analytical and Driver social styles. Today, we focus on Amiables. THE AMIABLE PERSONALITY After the unique challenges of selling to drivers or analyticals, working with those who have an amiable social style…

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Versatile Selling Is About Adapting

Most people, by nature, are “reactive” in their interactions with fellow humans: They observe. They make conclusions based on these observations. They respond based on their conclusions, then assess the outcome of their response. For the most part, this process serves us well. However, when it comes to selling, our reactive habits are likely limiting…

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Are you a Versatile Seller?

Today we launch a multi-part series covering the importance of understanding personality types in selling. Our source material for this series is one of the best books about selling that most people have never heard of: Versatile Selling, published by Wilson Learning Library. As the authors say early on in the book: “Versatile selling is…

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