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Close Strong With These Strategies

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Your prospecting efforts have paid off with a listing presentation. Your listing presentation looks great, covering the essentials in a clear, concise manner. And the prospect seems to be engaged in what you have to say. The question now is: are you ready to close? For many agents, making the close can be a challenge…

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Here’s to your Health… and Success in 2022

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The benefits of a regular exercise regimen are well documented, so we won’t use this space to rehash information and statistics you’ve probably heard a million times. But one thing’s for sure, regular exercise helps to keep your mind focused and energized; two qualities that are critical  to successful real estate prospecting. If you have…

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Versatile Selling: How to Work with Drivers

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In today’s post, we continue our series on Versatile Selling, pulling from the book of the same name published by Wilson Learning Library. Last week we looked at strategies to use when working with Analytical Social Styles.  Today we move to Drivers. THE DRIVER PERSONALITY On some level, the Driver social style is often the…

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2022 Business Planning Starts Here

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We’re in the home stretch for 2021, which means you should now have a pretty good idea of what your Gross Commission Income (GCI) will be through the end of the year. Hopefully you’ve had a great year and will finish strong. If your year didn’t meet expectations, hopefully you’ve learned some valuable lessons that…

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This Time-Management Hack is a Game-Changer

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One of the oft-overlooked aspects of success in real estate is time management. The industry tends to focus (this blog is no exception) on the “hard,” tangible skills & strategies such as prospecting expireds/FSBOs, lead generation tips, call-to-listing ratios, closing strategies, etc. To be sure, mastering these strategies is critical to long-term success in this…

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10 Reasons to Start Your Morning with Exercise


A few weeks ago, we posted a mid-year business review checklist. In that same spirit, we thought this is the perfect time check-in on the state of your physical and mental health (which of course, are closely linked). A common characteristic shared by many top-performing real estate agents is an adherence to a strict morning…

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Your Mid-Year Review Check List

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Top real estate performers are goal and results-driven. Most begin the year with a written business plan that might include: Revenue goals Transaction goals Call metrics: # of calls=listing presentations=transactions Did you start the year with a business plan? If so, this is the perfect time to assess where you stand relative to your annual…

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5 Common Mistakes Made at Listing Presentations

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There’s nothing more disconcerting to a real estate agent than to be sitting across from a disengaged homeowner during a listing presentation. Right? You did all the right things to secure the meeting as part of your prospecting efforts. You’ve created an excellent presentation. You feel good about what you have to tell the prospect.…

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Practice Mindfulness Because Success Begins in the Present Moment

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Being a real estate professional can be both exciting and lucrative.  But real estate can also be stressful. It’s a hyper-competitive industry, with a lot of rejection. And, because agents are, in essence, their own boss, top performers need to be self-starters with an inordinate amount of discipline. To be sure, a certain amount of…

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Should You Hire a Real Estate Coach?

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A common characteristic among top-performing real estate agents is their willingness to invest in a personal, real estate coach. Whether you’re new to the business or have been at real estate for quite some time, it’s worth considering the potential value of working with a coach. Yes, hiring a real estate coach can be an…

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Overcoming Negative Clients

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No matter how long you’ve been in the real estate business, you’ve likely experienced your share of negative clients. It’s an occupational hazard. And, of course, there are degrees of negativity, from mildly annoyed to overly irate. If you’re the kind of person who is conflict-adverse, it can be challenging to work with someone who…

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Winning in a Low-Inventory Market

Real Estate Listing Contract

The good news for real estate agents is that, despite the financial insecurities created by the pandemic, we’ve not seen a decline in the demand for housing. The bad news, of course, is that inventory levels continue to decline. Or, is it really BAD NEWS?  The truth is, you can’t control fluctuating inventory levels, any…

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Back to Basics for Real Estate Success

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You’ll find a lot of advice, or often “hacks” that the experts say will guarantee success in the real estate business. Perhaps. But when you get down to it, it’s sticking to the fundamentals that drives your business. Here are a few to consider: Stick to a schedule.  Daily prospecting is the key to achieving…

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The Courage to Dial

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Working the phones is fundamental to success in real estate. It’s that simple. Yes, you can prospect many other ways, such as using flyers or knocking on doors. Or hoping someone calls you. But if you dream of earning a healthy living in real estate, you’ll need to follow the model used by all top…

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Accountability Partners: 5 Point to Remember

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Top real estate performers typically adhere to some basic, time-tested strategies to drive maximum financial performance: Obsessively focus on phone prospecting on a regular basis Invest in leading-edge lead gen/CRM software, such as Espresso Agent Embrace the value of paid coaching advice Work with one or more accountability partners, often on a daily basis Today…

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