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Highly successful real estate professionals, no matter the geographic market in which they operate, be they in commercial or residential real estate, tend to share many of the same qualities. To a lucky few, these qualities are innate, but most achieve success by carefully analyzing these qualities and cultivating them.

We’ve identified six qualities/personality characteristics that define high-performing, driven professionals:

Living the Dream

Call it passion, call it imagination, call it vision, but the most successful entrepreneurs, inventors, and business people – billionaire financier Warren Buffett, Bill Gates of Microsoft, light bulb inventor Thomas Edison – all shared an intense belief in their own ideas and were able to visualize bringing those ideas to fruition even in their toughest times.

Jump Into The Fire

The power of believing in one’s own ideas means being able to take chances, to leave the safe job for the risk that comes with entrepreneurship. In a word, highly driven professionals are confident in their own capabilities.

Plain Old Hard Work

Passion alone doesn’t breed success. As the old saying goes, nothing worth having comes easily. Psychologists refer to it as ‘deliberate practice,’ or practicing in a way that pushes your skill set as much as possible. In real estate, that means showing up every single day, sick or well, to practice scripts, prospect, study the latest market trends, and review current analyses and comps.

Incremental Gains

Rare is the agent or broker who makes a million dollars their first year in the business, but agents with staying power know to celebrate the incremental gains that provide motivation to keep pushing forward.


Failing is a fact of life. The difference between those who leave the business after a year and those who stick around to flourish and become high achievers lies in tenacity and resilience. For these people, there is no ‘try.’ There is only ‘do.’ They thrive when their back is against the wall and are able to move on to the next deal after absorbing the lessons of mistakes or losses.

Open Mindedness

Vital to success is the willingness to continue learning, take in new ideas, and use evolving technology to craft new solutions to existing issues, rather than remaining in comfortable ruts. The tools that work for novice real estate professionals will not continue to work just as the skills of a high school football player will not succeed in the NFL.

In short, driven, high-achieving professionals possess a belief in themselves, confidence that they will prevail through hard times, and the ability to push through obstacles. Which of these qualities best describes the driver in you?

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