Real Estate Year End Planning

Finish Strong in 2020

As of this writing, you have about two months left in 2020. While many real estate agents are now thinking about goals for 2021 (which we’ll cover in a separate post), there is still a lot of revenue to be had in the final two months of this year. Typically, November and December are soft…

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Young woman sits in front of the lake, she is reading a book.

Get Back on the Bike!

It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been, or how long you’ve been selling real estate or how many transactions you had last year. The hard, cold truth about the human condition is that our minds can be fickle, and fragile. You can be at the top of your game, then go through a losing streak…

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Your Value Proposition Matters

There are more than 1.3 million real estate agents in the U.S. In any given year, the median number of transactions among this group of agents is 12! In such a hyper-competitive industry, it takes a special effort to stand out, to differentiate yourself when meeting with a prospect. Why should a homeowner trust their…

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Prevent Rejection From Bringing You Down

Beating Call Reluctance: Part 2

In last week’s post, we covered the basics of call reluctance: the reasons why we get it, and the signs we are struggling with call reluctance. Fear is a major factor leading to call reluctance. Fear gets stirred up when we dread some future activity and our initial response is to run for cover, or…

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