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Beating Call Reluctance: Part 1

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Regardless of how long you’ve been in the real estate business, you’re familiar with a few basic characteristics common to top performing agents: They focus on listings as their primary source of revenue-generation. They tend to be “listing agents.” They are almost obsessive about routine, especially morning phone-prospecting. This is the first of a two-part…

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Do These 8 Things…and Win!


What’s the difference between top performers and the rest of the pack? You might think that they have something special-some unique talent or instinct that separates them from everyone else. Plus, maybe, an inordinate amount of luck. Perhaps those variables can be used to explain away the difference between high achievers and the average professional. …

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Script It…Don’t Wing It!

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There is no other way to put this, but: to be a top-performing real estate agent you must master the “art” of phone-prospecting. If you’re an Espresso Agent client, you already have a great phone-prospecting and CRM system at your fingertips. But that alone might not always be enough for some agents who are challenged…

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Start Your Day with a Workout

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We’ve often discussed the importance of routine in this blog. Top performing agents often cite their adherence to a strict daily routine as the key to their success. Of course, everyone’s routine will be different. Some start the day in quiet solitude, perhaps reading or with meditation to prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Many…

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