Circle Prospecting Strategies

We recently posted about Espresso Agent’s powerful new Neighborhood Farming tool available through our CRM. In today’s post, we’re going to take a deeper dive into the power of neighborhood farming, but focus on the language most commonly used in our industry: circle prospecting.  Let’s start with a basic definition of circle prospecting: The definition…

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real estate time management

Let’s Discuss Pre-Qualification

We wonder how much time you’ve wasted in your sales career because you didn’t take adequate time to pre-qualify a prospect. Perhaps, in your excitement to move the ball forward on your first call, you failed to ask a few basic questions, the answers to which might have prevented you from going down a terribly…

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real estate year end planning

Writing an Effective Expired Listing Letter

Experienced real estate agents understand the unique challenge posed when working with new expired prospects. These homeowners are (rightly so) often frustrated and discouraged. They’ve likely spent months dealing with last-minute, inconvenient showings, any number of open houses and probably a certain number of shifting pricing strategies. And, after all of this “activity,” they have…

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fsbo sign for fsbo leads

Think Like a FSBO

Inside the Mind of an FSBO Whether you’re relatively new to real estate sales or have been in the business a long time, if you are NOT mining the rich vein known as For Sale by Owner Leads (FSBO), you’re missing an extraordinary opportunity to drive revenue. In this post, we’ll look at some of…

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