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This Prospecting Strategy Is Hot!

Do you have 15 minutes to spare?  Of course you do. Anybody can do anything for 15 minutes.  Especially if that 15 minutes results in much greater success with your real estate business. Perhaps you’ve heard of this concept, but if not, let us introduce you to the concept some call “15-Minute HOT Somebodies.” It’s…

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Zoom at Your Fingertips

We’ve been posting quite a bit in recent weeks about the importance of staying engaged with your prospects during this unprecedented time. Indeed, the market remains active, especially with mortgage rates near their lowest rates ever. So, if you’re not working your contact network, you’re opening the door for someone else to take the listings…

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Customer service

Customer Service 101

In April 2019, Forbes magazine reported 19 percent of consumers in a survey select the businesses they want to work with based on customer service. This should come as no surprise. As real estate professionals, we all know the importance of providing excellent customer service to all our clients: That’s what keep referrals coming in,…

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Leadership Rules

Today, we’re going to discuss leadership.  If you manage a team, regardless of its size, you know the challenge of being an effective leader. Many people assume that leaders are born with those natural skills. Think again. You have to learn how to be an effective leader. And the lessons aren’t always easy ones. And,…

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The Power of TRUE Engagement

Social media is all about engagement-likes, shares, comments. Our social media value is based on the degree to which people interact with our content.  But how is engagement defined outside the realm of social media? In real estate, the only engagement that truly matters is that kind that happens between two people: talk. We are…

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