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Learn How to Pace Yourself

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Surely you’ve heard of the old axiom: “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Training for a marathon requires a strategy. You can burn out if you train too hard too soon. By the same token, if you wait until the last minute to start training, you won’t have the endurance needed to complete the 26…

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Put a Face to a Name: Video Email Options for Real Estate Agents

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How many of us have said this in the past few weeks: “I wish I had been smart enough to buy stock in Zoom.” Indeed, COVID-19 and “shelter-in-place” has turned Zoom video conferencing into the must-have app of 2020. Families, businesses, social groups, support groups…practically everyone is “zooming” to stay connected.  Our new-found obsession with…

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How to Get Courage to Dial

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Perhaps you’ve noticed: America is awash in fear.  And rightly so. We’ve never experienced anything as frightening and daunting as the coronavirus pandemic. It cuts to the core of our need for control and security. If you’re a real estate agent, it’s possible your fear is compounded by the belief that nobody, absolutely nobody, would…

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