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Self-Discipline Leads to Excellent Results

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“With self-discipline, most anything is possible,” said Theodore Roosevelt, one of America’s great and arguably most motivational presidents. He had a good point. In fact, there’s a reason a simple Google search of quotes about self-discipline turn up hundreds. By now, we surely know that while talent is a bonus, it’s for nothing if we…

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Espresso: Empowering Agents With FRBOs

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The best real estate agents are always hungry for new sources of leads, new numbers to call. If you’re an Espresso Agent client, you’re fortunate in that you have access to the best For Sale by Owner and Expired leads. Recently, Espresso Agent expanded its best-in-class offerings to include a new category of leads: For…

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A Little Bit of Thank You Goes a Long Way

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Real estate professionals are driven by the need to list more properties, close more transactions and work more efficiently. And, while tools to achieve these goals are important, there’s one tool we probably don’t talk about enough: Client appreciation. Showing your appreciation for business can take several forms. Yes, communicating is a way of showing…

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Looking Within: The Best Strategy

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As kids and young adults dreaming of our careers, none of us wish to be average. Who among us doesn’t aspire in our dreams to become great at what we do, be it a professional athlete, chef, or yes, real estate professional? And yet, something happens to many of us mid-career. Our lofty goals vanish.…

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