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A Healthier, More Successful 2021


We focus a lot of energy in this blog on sharing strategies to maximize your performance as a real estate agent. But there is, perhaps, no more important strategy for success than taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health. In that spirit, we close 2020 with a few tips on how to live…

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6 Strategies for Starting the New Year STRONG!

Woman standing at chalk board getting encouraged

As the clock winds down on 2020, it’s time to review our performance for the year, and get our heads into 2021. None of us will soon forget the COVID-ravaged year of 2020. The pandemic disrupted our lives, personally and professionally. But, for many real estate agents, 2020 was a case study in resilience, and…

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Warm Connections During the Holidays

happy holiday cartoon card

Real estate agents have different approaches when it comes to end of the year business. Some turn up the heat on prospecting, while others pull back to enjoy the holiday season and prepare for the coming year. Regardless, this is a perfect time to connect with your Sphere of Influence. Last week, we posted Video…

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Video Email: Spread Holiday Cheer to your Sphere

woman in kitchen working on laptop

Our November 11th post, Successful Selling During the Holidays, highlighted the value of prospecting during November and December. Often considered a “down time” in the industry, we reviewed how it can be anything but down to agents who up their prospecting game during the holidays. And, of course, because of historically low interest rates, most…

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A 7-Point Blueprint for Real Estate Success

Five stars graphic with hand

As we near the end of 2020 and begin to plan for (hopefully a less disruptive) 2021, we thought it might be helpful to take a step back and consider what really matters when it comes to success in real estate. We’ve touched on many of the points below in previous posts (and will continue…

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Successful Selling During the Holidays

Christmas time home with fireplace and dining room

Nobody wants to sell their home during the holidays! Whether you’ve been in real estate a few years or a few decades, you’ve surely had to contend with homeowners who push back on your prospecting efforts with this handy, little objection. Of course, the holiday season is unlike any other time of the year, which…

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Hyper-focused Neighborhood Farming

neighborhood farming ariel view

Not all real estate agents prospect on a regular basis. For those that do, many use a multi-tiered prospecting approach, that might include: Calling expireds, followed by… Calling FSBOs, followed by… Calling sphere of influence. Another widely-used prospecting strategy is circle prospecting, or real estate farming. In fact, some agents focus heavily on circle prospecting…

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Know Your Numbers!

Businesswoman's finger leading the way of tech graph

If you’re not the kind of real estate professional who obsesses over the numbers that define your business, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Top performers in our business understand the importance of understanding their business analytics. But we understand that you might be one of those people who never felt comfortable with numbers (“I’m really…

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Finish Strong in 2020

business man relaxing in the open air

As of this writing, you have about two months left in 2020. While many real estate agents are now thinking about goals for 2021 (which we’ll cover in a separate post), there is still a lot of revenue to be had in the final two months of this year. Typically, November and December are soft…

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Get Back on the Bike!

Young woman sits in front of the lake, she is reading a book.

It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been, or how long you’ve been selling real estate or how many transactions you had last year. The hard, cold truth about the human condition is that our minds can be fickle, and fragile. You can be at the top of your game, then go through a losing streak…

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Your Value Proposition Matters

business woman leaning against wall

There are more than 1.3 million real estate agents in the U.S. In any given year, the median number of transactions among this group of agents is 12! In such a hyper-competitive industry, it takes a special effort to stand out, to differentiate yourself when meeting with a prospect. Why should a homeowner trust their…

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Beating Call Reluctance: 2nd Part

businessman pushing bolder up hill

In last week’s post, we covered the basics of call reluctance: the reasons why we get it, and the signs we are struggling with call reluctance. Fear is a major factor leading to call reluctance. Fear gets stirred up when we dread some future activity and our initial response is to run for cover, or…

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Beating Call Reluctance: Part 1

businessman pushing bolder up hill

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the real estate business, you’re familiar with a few basic characteristics common to top performing agents: They focus on listings as their primary source of revenue-generation. They tend to be “listing agents.” They are almost obsessive about routine, especially morning phone-prospecting. This is the first of a two-part…

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Do These 8 Things…and Win!


What’s the difference between top performers and the rest of the pack? You might think that they have something special-some unique talent or instinct that separates them from everyone else. Plus, maybe, an inordinate amount of luck. Perhaps those variables can be used to explain away the difference between high achievers and the average professional. …

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