Who Is Holding You Accountable?

Peer pressure is a powerful thing. Many of us are willing to hit the snooze alarm and skip our morning exercise ritual – unless we have a friend expecting us to meet him or her. Knowing they await, we heave ourselves up and it’s off to the gym we go. Being connected to someone who…

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Everything You Need To Know About the Do-Not-Call Registry

The National Do-Not-Call Registry aims to protect consumers from unwanted phone solicitations. These calls typically rank among the top consumer complaints to the FCC. While the registry has been around for over a decade, many still don’t entirely understand how it works or what it can do. That includes consumers, of course, as well as…

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Get Focused on Lead Generation

As a successful real estate agent, you have more on your plate than the average person, especially if you lead a successful team. Every day you deal with myriad closing details, new listing presentations, managing fragile egos and constant interruptions from texts, emails, and calls. We can’t forget lead generation, the lifeblood of top agents.…

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real estate scripts

Real Estate CRM and the Power of Video Email

In a recent book on the power of video in today’s marketing environment, Dr. James McQuivey, a leading analyst at Forrestor Research estimates that one minute of video delivers the same communication impact as 1.8 million words. Here is how he came to his estimate:   Some might dismiss this such a claim. But with video consumption…

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fsbo sign for fsbo leads

FSBO Leads: Create Your Story to Close the Deal

FSBO (For Sale By Owner) statistics are probably familiar to you if you’ve been in the real estate business long enough Nearly 9 out of 10 homeowners fail when trying to sell their own home. Wanting to pocket the commission, they go into the process thinking a sign in the front yard is all it…

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