man deciding real estate business objectives

The Marketing Journey: Part 1-Business Objectives

Real Estate Business Objectives Brand marketing is often a mystery to many small business owners. This is particularly true for real estate agents who seem to believe that “selling harder” is always the answer to success. To be sure, nobody discounts the value of selling harder, using advanced technology such as Vulcan 7 or Espresso Agent…

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building trust for a strong real estate marketing

How To Build A Strong Real Estate Marketing Plan

A recent post on ActiveRain was entitled How To Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar. The post promoted their ebook by the same title. It was a good post and worth reading. The writer lays out three essentials for any modern real estate marketing plan: Marketing Strategy: indeed, looking at what you’ve done over the past 12…

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real estate agent uses crm to improve performance

Why Real Estate Agents Need a CRM System

Why use a CRM for Real Estate? Lead generation is the lifeblood of any successful real estate agent’s career, so let’s be blunt: if you think managing those vital resources with Excel, Outlook, or Word is the way to go, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. With technology rapidly proliferating, there’s no reason…

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