Hopefully you saw our RECENT POST on taking the time to do a thorough mid-year review. We covered the basics, such as reviewing your annual goals and assessing where you stand relative to reaching those goals. And, of course, if you are not on track to reach those goals, what adjustments do you need to make during the second half of the year.

Part of the process of doing a mid-year review is to also step back to look at your own behaviors and mental attitude. If you are not on track to reach your goals, how does your mindset play into the situation?

In this post, we share a few tips to stay focused and keep your head in the game as you begin your second-half run to success:

  • Be empathetic, instead of transactional: Regardless of the industry, the most successful sellers intuitively understand that prospects often bristle at the idea of being “sold ” to. Instead of chasing a deal, reflect on the value and benefits you would bring to a new prospect. Be empathetic and understanding, instead of transactional. What do they need? What are their fears?
  • Practice intention: This is, perhaps, a cousin to the previous point on empathy. Be totally clear that your intention is to serve the customer. The customer will sense this intention and be more likely to trust you, instead of feeling as if you are manipulating them just to get the sale.
  • Give up control: A basic truth in life is that the only thing you can truly control is your effort and your attitude. You will face rejection and have lots of deals fall through. Successful real estate agents don’t let fear of failure or rejection paralyze their attitude or dampen their enthusiasm. They embrace failure and rejection as their ultimate motivators.
  • Listen carefully: This might be the most common “sales 101” lesson: you can’t help someone unless you fully understand their intrinsic needs. Effective agents are oriented to listening, especially in the early stage of a selling relationship. They ask thoughtful, probing questions, then play back the customer’s response to affirm what they’ve heard.
  • Stay the course: Success in both business and life, comes to those who maintain a steady course, avoiding dramatic emotional swings. Learn how to adapt and gain fresh insights from every experience by remaining centered and focused.
  • Permit yourself to succeed: We’ll close with the obvious: the best real estate agents consciously affirm that they deserve to win, and then use that positive mindset to forge ahead.

Take time to reflect on how you can keep your ego in check, and your seller-mindset positive and focused.  Then attack those second half goals with passion and enthusiasm.