Perhaps you’ve noticed: America is awash in fear.  And rightly so. We’ve never experienced anything as frightening and daunting as the coronavirus pandemic. It cuts to the core of our need for control and security.

If you’re a real estate agent, it’s possible your fear is compounded by the belief that nobody, absolutely nobody, would want to buy or sell a home in this chaotic environment.  You might have convinced yourself that nobody would want to take a call from a real estate agent under the circumstances.

Well, here’s the thing: people are going to buy and sell homes in this environment.  Especially now that we’re entering the spring market.  Anecdotally, we’re hearing from Espresso Agent clients that it’s been business as usual.  So, you need to ask yourself: are you ready for business as usual?  If so, you need to focus on three things: stay positive, maintain a routine and work the phones.

One of the best ways to stay positive is to limit (or eliminate altogether) your exposure to the 24/7 news cycles. It’s easy to become obsessed by the constant stream of negative news, especially the charts and graphs that paint such a bleak picture.  Turn off the TV. Go for a walk or play with the kids.  If you don’t already start your morning with affirmations, get into the habit.  Consider a gratitude journal.  Do whatever you can to keep your attitude and outlook positive.

Research shows that one of the best ways to combat fear and anxiety during challenging times is to stick to a routine. Get up the same time every day. Perhaps exercise first thing.  Do your affirmations. Then, block off a certain amount of time to get your work done. Especially working the phones. Let your family know that you can’t be interrupted when you’re focused on work. Don’t compromise when it comes to your work hours.

Let’s discuss the phones.  We mentioned above that our anecdotal evidence is that agents are finding things to be business as usual in most MLS areas.  In fact, because almost everyone is at home, we’re hearing that it’s easier to connect than usual.  Here are our thoughts on working the phones:

  • Reach out to your sphere. These are not sales calls. They are simple check-ins, connecting to see how folks are faring in these crazy times.  Maybe you can share a tip on what’s worth binge-watching or ideas on how to keep the kids occupied.  Or, maybe you can just share a laugh or two.  You are likely to find that people welcome the break in their day to talk to someone.
  • If you’re an Espresso Agent customer, you’re fortunate to have some of the best Expired and For Sale By Owner numbers in the business. Remember: these are sellers who are motivated to move their property. Again, you are likely to find it easier to get someone on the phone because they are home.  It’s important that you are prepared with data when you are making these calls.  Perhaps the seller is dubious about being able to move their home in this market.  That’s your opportunity to discuss what you’re finding in terms of activity.  If you’re confident, they’re more likely to feel reassured about their prospects.
  • Another benefit of Espresso Agent is our For Rent by Owner numbers. FRBOs give you access to investors who typically look at the marketplace much differently than individual homeowners.  This is particularly true now that mortgage rates are falling.

The reality is, until the worst of the pandemic is behind us, uncertainty, fear and anxiety are going to be constant companions for many Americans. Real estate agents aren’t immune to these same emotions.  But, by staying focused on the positive, sticking to your routine and working the phones like the pro you are (with awesome Espresso Agent numbers), you can keep fear at bay and prosper during these uniquely challenging times.