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Mid-Year Check-Up: Is Your Business Plan Working?

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Each new year, we have the opportunity to start fresh, setting goals and business plans for the coming year with the intention of being organized, efficient and posting a record-setting number of transactions for the year. Now it’s May. One quarter is down, and we are halfway through the second. How’s your plan working? Now…


Better Habits, Better Business

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There are no quick fixes or shortcuts to becoming successful; no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ or overnight successes. Achieving success and establishing a flourishing business comes through a series of goals and steps by which to achieve them.  The path to a strong career and business is filled with personal and professional choices,…


Mindfulness Strategies for Success

Are you driven, Type A personality? Highly competitive? Always battling the clock? Often impatient? These may be the very characteristics that contribute to your success. But they can also be qualities that drain your energy and make you susceptible to stress-related illnesses. We obviously can’t change who we are. We can’t alter our personality type,…


Power Prospecting

Those of us in the real estate profession have chosen the field for differing reasons: For some of us, it may be we like the competitive nature. Some entered the field because we like helping families with major life decisions and still others followed family members into the business. But for all of us, the…


Customer Loyalty RULES!

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We often hear it’s easier to keep an existing client than develop a new one, and it’s for good reason. But, particularly in a field as competitive as real estate, it’s crucial to develop a sense of loyalty to you among your client base so when they make referrals, you get the call.  While loyalty…